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Wednesday, April 19th, 2017
6:52 pm
Harry and Snape post-DH gen or mentorship
Stories where there is not even a hint of pre-slash or clear mentorship.
Stories focussed on Snape during or post-DH (where Harry might not even be mentioned).

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6:40 pm
Snarry post-DH / post war
This part is for stories that take place after the war where there is neither a mention of anything specific to DH nor anything that actually contradicts DH (with exception of the epilogue and Snape being alive)
As there are most likely tons of stories that kind of fit, I will try to limit it to stories that I find worth rereading.

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6:17 pm
Snarry post-DH EWE - minor spoilers
Here I take everything that is clearly post-DH but doesn't really build strongly upon it. This minor spoiler might be Snape as Headmaster, a minor reference to Nagini, the Hallows, the final battle, a mention of Teddy or one of the Canon character deaths happening in DH, anything small - without the story really needing the whole of DH to work.

I split this off mostly to have smaller collections on my Kindle as large collections slow it down, but also to distinguish between stories that are truly DH (or what one first thinks of when saying post-DH).
Again some of the stories might be switched to one of the other lists once I get back to rereading them.

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Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
8:23 pm
Snarry post-DH EWE - major spoilers
Stories that take place directly after DH or build strongly upon the information given in DH. (Some stories might belong more correctly in minor Spoilers - but it's sometimes hard to choose and when I first started to sort I hadn't yet decided on having also the category "minor Spoilers". I might resort some stories lateron when I get to rereading them.)
A few stories don't fully fit canon-DH as characters other than Snape might be alive.
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7:35 pm
Snarry DH-rewrites
Stories that are rewrite of part of DH (just one Scene), a rewrite of the whole book or several books, maybe even the whole series - while still staying close to canon.
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7:05 pm
Snarry post-DH epilogue compliant
All stories where the epilogue with Ginny and the three kids has happened or most likely will happen. A very few stories that don't fully fit - because not all three children have been born yet.
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6:08 pm
Snarry post-DH
First of all: I'm not really back into making lists. It is not my intention to go back to my old ones and update them.
I have not read fanfiction for a long time and now I'm only reading some very specific stories. So I'm certainly not going to work on any old lists, sorry.

Half a year ago I (re)watched all the films. I had not previously seen the films for book 7. (When they split it into two, I refused to go to the cinema to watch "half a chess-match". Lateron when part 2 came out, I was far away from the fandom and didn't really feel like watching anyway. I bought the DVDs much later when both parts were available on DVD but didn't watch them.)
After I had seen the films, I felt the need to reread all books. And after the books I started rereading fanfiction. I started with what I had saved onto my Kindle - and then expended by searching in particular for Snarries written post-DH.

I have now collected around 500 stories post-DH and it's getting hard to remember which story was which. To keep them apart a bit better, I have made a list of all the stories where I will add summary and comments as I remember/(re)read a story.

As those lists are made mostly for myself, they will be a bit different than the lists I used to make. For now I will not add links nor will I do much formatting. Also the summaries will be my own comments - which means they might be spoiler-like at times.
I will start out with mostly just a list of titles. The lists will be updated and completed with my notes as I (re)read stories and as the mood strikes me.
I am still doing those lists online - as to me it makes little difference if I save it in word or online - but someone else might still profit from my having collected those stories.
The collection is certainly not complete. For one thing there certainly are stories I overlooked (but I'm adding new stories as I go), for another I take only completed stories for it. Also there might be stories that I disliked - which I deleted.
I don't much care for stories with established relationships (I like seeing how it develops), I don't like stories that are overdone in silliness and very much OOC or pure smut nor do I like over-sappy stories. Also I don't want any sad endings.

1) epilogue-compliant
2) EWE - major spoilers for DH (stories that build directly upon DH)
3) EWE - minor Spoilers (there might be a reference to Teddy, Snape as Headmaster, a minor mention of Nagini, maybe a short reference to Snape's memories) - but the story mostly is focussed elsewhere
4) rewrites of the series (those might be just minor rewrites of one scene in DH itself or it might be a change starting in OotP or a total rewrite starting even before Harry comes to Hogwarts which follows canon closely)
5) post-war/post-DH with no real mention of DH but no contradiction to it
6) gen or mentorship

Some stories may of course be misfiled. If someone knows of any good stories that are missing on my lists, feel free to rec them. I am always looking for something new to read.
(My obsessive sorting stems from the fact that it is hard to find something on my Kindle when the collections grow too large.

Most of the stories are from AO3, ff.net or lj.
Some may be from skyhawke.com or Walking the Plank. A very few of them are not online anymore.

***** Absolute favorites of mine. Worth rereading again and again.
**** Outstanding Story.
I'm only marking my absolute favorites with 4 or 5 stars, I'm not up to evaluating everything else.
Friday, February 20th, 2009
7:42 pm
time - or rather lack of it ;-)
Someone asked me today if I was still updating my lists. For a long time I had the vague idea I'd go back to it when I had the time. But I realized it's been over a year that I actually made any updates.

At the time I made those lists I was without a job and thus had a lot of loose time on my hands and not a lot of money to go spending on books or other hobbies, so I spent much time reading fanfiction and lateron categorizing them into lists because it was fun for me to do and it helped out others with their search for decent fics.

Nowadays I have a job - which obviously takes up quite a bit of time. I also have more money, so I can more easily afford normal books, thus I'm less dependent on reading fanfiction (even though I still read some). And last but not least I've got a different hobby which has become very important to me: I play Bridge - and in case you are now thinking of old ladies and their teas, I'm playing in tournaments. For now it's mostly small things in my club but I've played in a few larger national tournaments and maybe if I keep going on like this, one day I'll play internationally.

All of this takes time and energy - time and energy which I once dedicated to my lists. So to make my long tale short, don't go waiting for any updates. ;-)
I will leave my lists up because even "incomplete" they are helpful to people searching stuff but I won't be doing anything with them anymore.

If someone is interested in adopting one or more of my lists, contact me and I'll give you the source code of what I have.

So, I guess in a way this is goodbye (a goodbye which was long overdue ;-) )


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Friday, October 12th, 2007
1:44 pm
Just a quick update
Well, I'm still alive. I finally found a job a few months back: I work as a receptionist in a hotel now. Between my new job and my hobby of playing Bridge, I barely have any time left over for anything else.

I still read some books and every so often check out HP fics (keeping up with some of the unfinished stories when I get alerted to an update, doing a very little of betaing work when a friend asks me, sometimes rereading old favorites of mine, sometimes discovering "new" favorites via Fictionalley or a post in my lj). I haven't really had the energy to keep my lists up to date, though.

Three weeks ago I caught a cold which at first seemed not to be too bad. But then the moment it was gone, I caught another cold and since then it has only gotten worse. So now I called in sick and while I'm home for the next couple of days trying to get rid of it, I decided to try to actually work on my lists some. I can't promise that I'll manage to update them all but I'll certainly try.

Edit: *sighs* A couple of hours and I only managed to work my way through four lists. I definitely have too many of them...

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
9:45 am
Hmm, today I finally take the time to start updating my lists again. And what happens?
"Sorry, database temporarily unavailable. Please see http://status.livejournal.org/ for status updates on LiveJournal."

Well, I'm still alive. I've gotten over my Flyff-addiction. Most of my free time now belongs to the most fascinating card game Bridge.
So again little time and energy left to do updating...

Edit: *sighs* Still far from being caught up - but at least I got a decent start on it. :)
Will work on my lists some more later.

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Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
6:32 pm
still alive
I'm still playing Flyff... My only contribution to HP-fandom currently is betaing a story that proftlb is writing after my plot bunny.

I did some updating my lj lists now - though not fully caught up yet. I'll finish it soon, I hope. But getting too sleepy now...
Friday, October 13th, 2006
12:05 pm
Where I vanished to....
Well, I've found a new hobby lately, I'm spending most of my time playing Flyff. And hopefully I'll find a job soon. So for now I'm not active in HP Fandom at all.
I'll not be making any new lists for the foreseeable future and I'll only update the old ones rarely. If you have a link for me, leave it with the appropriate list and I'll get back to you sooner or later. (Might be "later" currently, though. So don't grow impatient if I seem to ignore your post for two weeks...)

Just caught up to all the posts left for me during the past two, three weeks and removed all new markers from before. Phew!

Anyway, I'm still alive, just won't be doing much things on lj. Once I'll get bored with Flyff, might be more active again.
Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
11:10 am
Snape is evil and nasty

The idea for this list stems from a discussion with serpentclara who claimed that there are so many fics where Snape gets redeemed but a lot less with canon!Snape or evil!Snape. So I decided to compile a list of stories with the latter.

What I take:
- Snape is evil.
- Snape is on the side of Voldemort.
- Snape is only one his own side, playing Dumbledore and Voldemort against each other, changing sides as others change their underwear.
- Snape is absolutely nasty, worse than in canon and out to get Harry.
- Snape can be both a minor or a major character.
- I will not take stories where Snape is just like in canon, nasty to Harry and ambiguous in his true alliances.
- pre- and post-HBP, both is fine.
- I take no stories where Harry is evil, a Dark Lord or similar. (Harry can use some Dark magic himself but he has to be firmly opposed to Voldemort and mostly on the side of Light.)
- No badly written stories and (short) abandoned WIPs, please.

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9:46 am
Style question...
I hope someone can answer this. I am pretty sure that at one time while cruising aimlessly through options I saw a way to force that entries I view on other ljs are shown with the same style as I have with my own lj.

Back then I had no use for the option, liking diversity. But now I'd prefer to view everything with my own style. I have very deliberately kept the standard style because I like its easy readability. I often spend hours in front of the screen and I'd prefer not to ruin my eyes more than I already do just by spending so much time on the computer. So I prefer not viewing entries in pink font on lilac background and the like. Also I have a 17'' monitor with standard setting 1280x1024 and often settings for a lj have borders left and right - which on my screen ends up as less than half the screen filled with miniscule font and the rest of the screen empty... (I usually use IE but sometimes switch to Opera to deal with things like this. I don't want to switch to Opera completely, however, nor do I want to open Opera five times a day.)

I am reasonably sure I've seen a way to force other entries that I view to my style. I've also seen it very often when viewing stuff view links at metafandom that the style is forced.

So if anyone could tell me how to make it a standard setting to force my style when viewing entries by others, I'd be much obliged.

Thanks. :)

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
11:29 am
Normal pregnancy, that is Fpreg

There are so many stories out there for mpreg and possibly even more than one list. But fpreg seems to be a lot rarer in HP-fanfiction. While this is not a topic which interests me all that much primarily, it seems to be one of the topics I considered making a list for that generated the most interest on my flist.
Most of the links were taken from fics recced as fpreg on Fictionalley.
For now I'm sorting by pregnant characters (alphabetically within a category). Might change to sorting by pairing later.
For fics where a woman gets an abortion, has a miscarriage or similar, please see fishuuttawatuh's list Adoption, abortion and miscarriage. While some fics may appear on both lists, I won't copy them all.

What I take:
- Stories where a female character is pregnant.
- If we only see the result, a child, it does NOT count. Story doesn't have to center on pregnancy but the pregnancy must be clearly shown/known. The birth alone also does not suffice.
- At least one of the parents has to be a (major) canon character. If Cho Chang is pregnant by an OMC, that counts. Or if a girl carries Lockhart's lovechild. If Blaise Zabini gets Daphne Greengrass pregnant, even if both characters are named in canon, we barely know anything beyond their names, so I probably won't take it.
- No mpreg UNLESS the pregnant character has been turned female. (This transformation has to last for conception, pregnancy and birth at least.)
- No (short) abandoned stories, no short WIPs (with only two or three chapters written - as they are the most likely to get abandoned).
- No badly written stories, please.
- No crossovers.

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Saturday, August 26th, 2006
1:39 pm
Lists that I'm considering making...
Well, there are a few more topics which interest me a lot and which I think might make good lists:

Collapse )

I also have some other (minor) fic-list-ideas but those cited above are the ones which seem most interesting to me. - And of course I might suddenly have another idea and just make a list of it spontaneously.
Plus I still owe an (as of yet unspecified) list to csi_tokyo3 for answering my Harry/Padma-challenge. - If you haven't read his fic yet, Take Out the Seeker, it's definitely worth a read. :D

What list would people be most interested in?
Yes, serpentclara, I have a good guess what list you are going to vote for. ;)
(If you have links for me for the list you find most interesting, that also might help me make the list faster! *grin*)

*sighs* And now off to write job applications. (Why can't I just send in HP themed lists instead? lol)
And ranging my wardrobe and cleaning up my apartment. What wouldn't I give for a quick "Scourgify" and similar...

EDIT: I AM NOT MAKING NEW LISTS CURRENTLY. And if I did, I'd make the ones I've already been considering, not any others. It's nice of you to propose new topics - but the themes listed are the themes that I'm interested in and thus most likely the only ones I'd want to make.

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Friday, August 25th, 2006
4:43 pm

My Harry/Odd list got rather long, so I decided to split off the pairing with the most fics, Harry/Luna.

- No drabbles, badly written fics or obviously abandoned stories.
- I accept stories where Harry is first paired with another girl but then realizes he loves Luna - but not the other way round.

- Like for my Harry/Ginny and Harry/Hermione lists, I'll also add links to Harry/Luna sites, communities and other rec-lists.

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
10:30 am
Writing help links

In this post I'm trying to link all kinds of stuff that I think might be of interest for young would-be writers, a few posts by me mostly they are made by others. A big Thank-you to all of you experienced authors who wrote one or more of those pieces, letting others share in your experiences and knowledge. A lot of those links I found either via metafandom or because someone linked me. Thanks.
Some of this primarily concerns HP-fanfiction, most of it is more general for all kinds of fanfiction or even original fiction. I'm trying to sort everything in categories as well as I can - though it's sometimes hard. (Feel free to tell me if you have better ideas for how to sort some of these essays.) - The order in which I posted links is mostly random, often due to the order in which I found them - apart from trying to group similar topics together.

I'm continuously updating this list, new marks the links I've added recently.

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9:34 am
Homophones - words with the same pronunciation but a different spelling and meaning

Who has never stumbled over a misused word in fanfiction? I'm trying to compile a list of words that are misused most often. Feel free to tell me of more (and if you can think of better descriptions, considering that English is not my first language and I sometimes might lack the right words, tell me those, too, please.)
Authors, take care with these words. (If I help even one author to avoid such mistakes in the future, I'll be happy!)
A few of the words on this list may not be exactly homophones - but keep being misused just as often.

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9:11 am
Clichés - that you love and that annoy you

There are so many clichés in the HP fandom (and everywhere else as well). And while with every cliché there are a handful of good stories, for every good one, there are a dozen awful ones...
I'm in a weird mood and decided to make a listing of clichés. I might lateron add links to one or two outstanding stories with each cliché. (Those links I added are to fics which are truly outstanding and in my opinion clearly the best ones from their genre.) Feel free to tell me of your favorite/most hated clichés (and maybe the one outstanding story that you absolutely loved with this cliché) and I'll add it. I'm concentrating on HP-clichés as that is the only fandom I am familiar with but if you want to tell me of other clichés, I might still add them.
(Currently the clichés are in no particular order other than the one I thought of them.)

Oh, what prompted me to this list? I was meeting with my roleplaying group yesterday and our current task is to find five magical gems which together have the power to stop an evil Ifrit. Those gems were created a thousand years ago by a mighty mage, Martek, and he hid them all over the desert. We already have four of those gems and a good guess as to where the last one is located.
But this quest made me think: so many stories have "this ancient artefact can stop that ancient evil". Were the ancients in fantasy realms really so much more powerful than their current heirs that they could create artefacts to stop the evil that now no one ever could even conceive of?

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Monday, August 21st, 2006
8:57 am
Fandom meme
Saw this in lothy's and jadzia7667's livejournals and just felt like doing this meme. :)

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Sunday, August 20th, 2006
10:47 am
Delacours - Fleur or Gabrielle

I just stumbled upon a little gem where Fleur and Gabrielle play a (minor) role and really wanted to read more stories with Fleur or Gabrielle in them as (major) character. As there is no Delacour-list on lothy's List of Lists yet, I badly felt the need to make my own.
(Yes, I'm still procrastinating and making lists instead of doing my "work"...)

I take any kind of fic where either Fleur or Gabrielle plays a (major) role.
- No Drabbles.
- No outstandingly bad or short abandoned WIPs, please.

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Saturday, August 19th, 2006
11:22 am
Trunks, portraits and other dimensional doors

For this list I'm primarily taking fics where trunks play an important role. This can be a trunk like Moody's with several compartments where one or more of them is actually a place you can live in. Or a trunk he inherited (for instance from his mother) where the trunk and its contents play a major role.

I'm also taking fics where a portrait or other object acts as a dimensional door. Or fics where someone actually enters a portrait and becomes part of it (for a long or short time). - I am not taking any other kind of fic where portraits play a major role. For those refer to painless_j's Afterlife: Portraits and statues (Fics dealing with afterlife as portraits or statues) or marginaliana's Animate Objects (Fics where portraits have an interesting personality).

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Friday, August 18th, 2006
9:27 am
Do you have a character you really hate?

When I checked the posts on my friends page earlier, I noticed that lupin_snape compiled a masterlist of beta-readers (for that pairing, I assume). I've recently done my first beta-reading and decided I actually liked it. But I realized quickly that I could never just add my name to such a list because I could never beta something I don't like to read and there's quite a huge part of stories that I don't read.

I usually only read Harry-centric with Harry on the side of Light (though he can be a bit Darkish, use Dark Magic, etc. as long as he's not evil.) Harry can be paired with nearly anyone (other than prominent Death-Eaters such as Bellatrix or Lucius - or of course Voldemort himself. Nor do I want to read stuff where incest, chan, BDSM, etc. play a major role.) Nor do I like too much Dursley-angst. (By that I mean stories where the Dursleys are worse than in canon and now the whole fic is centered on poor, traumatized Harry. *shudders*)

Also lothy had a discussion about pairing recently and told a story of someone who was not willing to read a fic that would not end up as Harry/Draco. I understand not wanting to read some pairings - such as Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Ginny or whatnot - but from there to refuse to read anything other than one pairing... But well, to each their own.

Also there's lots of Ron-hate, Cho-hate, Dumbledore-hate, Ginny-hate etc. where fans either look for fics with character-bashing or for fics where those characters are minor characters at best.

Anyway that lead me to thinking if there was any one character that I couldn't stand to read about. And I found that there isn't. I dislike the bad guys from canon - primarily Voldemort, Bellatrix, Umbridge, Fudge, Dursleys. And I enjoy when one of those gets what they've got coming. But I also enjoy fics where some bad guys - in particular Snape and Draco - get redeemed. I would not enjoy a fic where one of the four I named above was centerstage and got redeemed (but due to the type of stuff I read I'm not likely to see anything like this.) But there's not one character where I feel that I absolutely abhor having him or her appear in a fic.
I also can deal both with redeemed characters and good-chars-gone-bad (if it's well written) though I'm usually sad and disappointed when only Ron is bashed but all other friends remain true to Harry because in that case it's often obvious that the author simply disliked Ron... While it's not something that makes me stop reading automatically, if the rest of the fic isn't outstandingly well-written, it might be the one last thing where I decide that it just isn't my fic.

Do you have a char you absolutely hate? Or a character that you can't stand being redeemed or turned around?

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Thursday, August 17th, 2006
7:04 pm
Harry/Hermione - Multi-chapter and still at Hogwarts

I made a Harry/Ginny list last week and in making it, I realized that there weren't any more Harry/Hermione rec lists out there than there were for Harry/Ginny. While I don't really ship Harry/Hermione (I prefer Harry/Ginny or Harry/Odd) and I feel that Hermione is more of a sister to Harry, I have enjoyed the one or the other Harry/Hermione. Considering that Harry/Hermione is quite common a ship, it definitely deserves a list of its own.
I don't expect this list to ever be complete but I'll do my best.

What I take:
- Harry and Hermione are still at Hogwarts when their romance starts.
- Complete stories or lengthy WIPs.
- Novellength or (chaptered) novellas - but no one-shots or drabbles.
- No PWPs.
- The romance between Harry and Hermione doesn't necessarily have to be the main focus of the story but it should be a central part. I won't take stories where H/Hr is really just a background-story.
- No Harry/Multi.
- No fics where Harry and Hermione date for a while but then give up on each other. I will, however, accept fics where Harry and Hermione first dated someone else before realizing that they actually love each other.
- No crossovers.

I will also add links to sites that (primarily) archive H/Hr-fics and other rec-lists if I'm aware of them. And communities that are primarily dedicated to H/Hr (provided they are actually active). If you know of other H/Hr-lists or sites, please tell me about them.

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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
8:01 pm
Harry/Ginny - multi-chapter and still at Hogwarts

Although this is the most common het-pairing for Harry, there are surprisingly few lists around and those that I'm aware of only have links and titles. As I myself prefer to read a story not just from a rec but also from having a quick look at the summary, I decided that I'd have to make a list of my own if I wanted it done to my tastes.
I don't expect this list to ever be complete but I'll do my best.

What I take:
- Harry and Ginny are still at Hogwarts when their romance starts.
- Complete stories or lengthy WIPs.
- Novellength or (chaptered) novellas - but no one-shots or drabbles.
- No PWPs.
- The romance between Harry and Ginny doesn't necessarily have to be the main focus of the story but it should be a central part. I won't take stories where H/G is really just a background-story.
- No Harry/Multi.
- No fics where Harry and Ginny date for a while but then give up on each other. I will, however, accept fics where Harry and Ginny first dated someone else before realizing that they actually love each other.
- No crossovers.

I will also add links to sites that (primarily) archive H/G-fics and other rec-lists if I'm aware of them. And communities that are primarily dedicated to H/G (provided they are actually active). If you know of other H/G-lists or sites, please tell me about them.

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Friday, August 4th, 2006
5:45 pm
Harry/Odd - slash?

Nearly two months ago I made a masterlist Harry with an unusual female character. I'm now considering to try to put together the counterpart: Harry with an unusual male character.
Now as I don't read that much slash other than Snarry with the occasional Drarry and some other stories that I just stumble upon, I'm not sure what male characters could actually be considered as rare choices for Harry.

I know that there are tons of Snarries and Drarries. And I think that Harry/Sirius and Harry/Remus isn't completely uncommon either. I've also seen quite a bit of Harry/Lucius - though I've usually steered clear of this pairing. While I don't read Harry/Voldemort or Harry/Tom, I've also seen a few of those.
I'm aware of a Weasley-archive but how rare or common is Harry/Ron (if it's not a Trio-fic), Harry/Twins, etc. really?

With my het-list I basically only took Harry with a girl more or less his age, with Tonks being the eldest. If I took the same line with this slash-counterpart, it would basically mean "Harry with a guy he went to school with (other than Draco) or one of the Weasley-boys", I guess.
Are there any other rare pairings that would absolutely have to be on this list?

And would there actually be any interest in this list? - I'd also need a lot of help probably to compile a somewhat complete list as I don't read slash all that much myself.
Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
4:50 pm
Animal sex

I recently stumbled upon a few very delicious drabbles. One of them was about Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris. I hope to find more stories like it.
I do NOT take real Bestiality for this list. Check ntamara's Bestiality List for this.

What I take:
1) Fics with sex or implied sex between two or more humans, all of which are in their Animagus-shape or otherwise transfigured into animals.
2) Fics with sex or implied sex between human and animal where the human is in Animagus-shape or otherwise transfigured into an animal.
3) Fics with sex or implied sex between two animals.

- If the sex is only implied, the fic has to be centered on it to count. Novellength Harry-centric-fics where we learn in a sidenote that Fawkes and Hedwig had babies do not count. But if the fic is centered on the relationship between Hedwig and Fawkes and their cute owl-phoenix-chicks - even if we never see them do anything worse than preening each other - then it counts.
- At least one of the animals or characters involved has to be from canon.
- I will also accept stories where while there is no actual sex between two transfigured humans, their sex once they are back to their human shape is a direct consequence of their meeting in animal-form.

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Sunday, July 30th, 2006
5:16 pm
Book meme
Blame tarie for this...
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don’t you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

(I don't like tagging, so like others before me, I won't tag anyone to continue this. But I gladly invite others to share the fun.)

As I have two books lying close enough to grab without getting up, you are getting both. ;)

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Collapse )

*sighs* I should have been doing all kinds of things today, such as cleaning my room and washing dishes. But as usual I did everything else and as I'm leaving in less than half an hour to spend the evening roleplaying with a couple of friends, I guess it's not worth starting now...
But I'm not really content with myself. (And yes, a completely HP-unrelated post for once! ;))

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Thursday, July 27th, 2006
10:13 am
What is character-bashing in your eyes?

lothy's Rant about character bashing made me think.

From what I've seen most people only call it character-bashing if a character that is good in canon is described very negatively in fanfic.
Such as evil, manipulative Dumbledore. Or jealous, obnoxious Ron. Bitchy, possessive Ginny. Etc.

But someone once told me that to him redeeming a character such as Draco or Snape also was character-bashing. They are nasty in canon, they have to be just as nasty in fanfiction.
What is your view on that?

What about the Dursleys? There are quite a few fics where they (or at least one of the three) suddenly "wake up" and become nice to Harry.
And a great many more where they are worse than in canon, regularly beating Harry if not downright torturing him, raping him, actively trying to kill him, etc. (And then after he's been rescued, three quarters of the fic are centered on "how messed up poor Harry is because of this treatment..." Gah!)

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So, what is bashing to you?
Only changing good characters to really evil?
Redeeming characters?
Making bad characters worse than in canon?
Taking one single trait (or behaviour) of a character (such as Ron's jealousy, Hermione's bossyness, Dumbledore's sometimes incomprehensible decisions and the ambiguousity I described above, the Dursleys' treatment of Harry) and maximising this one to the point of totally changing the character and their relationship with others (in particular Harry) without making them truly evil?
Or a bad character (who is nasty both in canon and in the fanfiction) getting what they have coming? (Such as a trial for Umbridge, Snape being killed, Draco being defeated and similar)
Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
12:05 pm
Harry has a phoenix

I'm taking fics for this list where Harry is chosen by a phoenix.

- No badly written or obviously abandoned fics.
- No WIPs with less than five chapters written.
- For fics where Harry himself is a phoenix (as his Animagus-form), please refer to my other list, Magical and multiple Animagus forms.
- I might add a third category for fics where Harry has an outstanding relationship with Fawkes - even though Fawkes stays with Dumbledore.

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Thursday, July 20th, 2006
8:39 pm
Challenge 2: Harry/Hermione/Ginny

As today's my birthday, I decided I felt like something different. So I'm offering two challenges. If someone answers one of them to my satisfaction, they may request a themed list of their choice (provided it doesn't go against the rules I'll post below).

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8:29 pm
Challenge 1: Harry/Padma

As today's my birthday, I decided I felt like something different. So I'm offering two challenges. If someone answers one of them to my satisfaction, they may request a themed list of their choice (provided it doesn't go against the rules I'll post below).

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Tuesday, July 18th, 2006
12:37 pm
Harry changes his name - legally or for the purpose of hiding

I accept any fics for this list where Harry changes his name either legally or for hiding purposes. (I got the idea for this list from lothy's rant concerning Harry's birthname.)

- No fics where Harry's given name is Harold, Henry, Hareios or whatnot. The name given by his parents has to be Harry James Potter.
- No fics where the name change just adds a second part of the name, such as Potter-Black or Potter-Snape due to adoption or marriage.
- I take Severitus-stories where he lateron gets a new name when he lives with his father but no fics where he never was named Harry at all.
- I take timetravel-stories only when Harry uses a different name in his own time after his return.
- I accept fics where Harry uses a pseudonym in writing if the focus of the fic is on his writing and/or his pseudonym.
- I also accept fics where Harry has a second identity that no one (or only a select few) associate with him and where he appears in both, provided the second identity is more than just "Harry Potter can't appear in Diagon Alley, so I have to appear as..."
- No fics where the name change and hiding is just a very minor part of the fic (if he hides only for a chapter or two; or if he just gives another name during a visit to Diagon Alley).
- No fics where he leaves the Wizarding World behind completely. At least part of the fic has to take place in the Wizarding World.
- No hiding in his Animagus-form. (Nor any fics where his new name is mostly a Marauder-name.)
- No badly written or obviously abandoned fics. (In particular no short abandoned WIPs.)
- No WIPs with less than five chapters written.

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Thursday, July 13th, 2006
5:33 pm
I'm pissed off!
Yes, I said this journal would only contain HP-related stuff. I lied! Bite me!

Just got an owl from Fictionalley.org, telling me they had banned me!

And why?

This week I once dared to thank people who gave me links twice in a sixteen-hour span.

And today I replied to an off-topic post, telling the user that a) it was not useful to question Harry's actions in canon, and b) this was not the place for his post - without adding the link to a story...

Oh, horror of horrors!

Supposedly this was my third point in two months. Too bad I never got an owl stating that I had gotten a point since April 23rd - which is definitely more than two months in the past. (Back then the point was for daring to bump my thread before a week had passed, asking if no one knew anything else.)

Mods have time to enforce all of those rules to the letter - while I understand the reasoning behind the rules, getting a notice of point just because I was thanking two different people in sixteen hours can be a bit ridiculous.
But uploading fics takes eternities. DrT's fics - which certainly don't need much editing as they are very well-written - take ten days to get uploaded. Might be a bit helpful if mods weren't just going nitpickily through every forum, looking for every tiny bit of infringement; and instead worked on getting stories processed for uploading!

I try to pay attention but every so often I will run afoul of one of those semi-ridiculous rules. I guess everyone who posts there regularly will do so.
Okay, I can make sure that my links don't go to NC-17 stuff.
I can make sure I won't post more than one request per day.
I can also edit my posts if I think of another story that fits lateron.
I certainly don't ever make grammar-unfriendly posts (because I abhor something like that myself). Even if English is not my first language, my English is near-perfect.

But every so often I forget something "minor"... And with such nitpicky mods, they will end up chasing away those people who regularly read fanfiction, who know a lot of diverse fics, who are willing to spend time to write a lengthy post (searching through their favorites for all stories that fit, giving more than just a link but also a summary and pairing). And soon they will end up with a forum full of kiddies whose posts are as grammar-friendly as the average fanfiction found on ff.net, who don't know a lot of stuff, who aren't willing to take the time to share what they know. But well, if that's what the Fictionalley-mods want, their loss. I certainly can find my fics elsewhere. I don't get much that I really like to read from my own requests anyway. Practically all my favorites came from recs for someone else...


Edit: I have now gotten an apology from one of the mods. The thingie they use to count points was malfunctioning and therefore my second point appeared as the third. I am not banned after all.
I'm still somewhat miffed...

Current Mood: annoyed
10:30 am
Harry is related to one or more of the Founders

I am taking "related" in the widest sense of the word, which means I will take
- the obvious ones where Harry is clearly the Heir of Gryffindor (or another Founder)
- fics where it is mentioned that Harry is related to one of the Founders even though he is not the Heir,
- fics where Harry himself is one of the Founders, either through timetravel or reincarnation,
- fics where the relationship is due to a blood-bond, marriage or adoption,
- fics where Harry is not blood-related to any of the Founders but is their magical Heir.

- The only kind of relationship I do NOT take is if it's purely sexual (without marriage).
- No badly written stories, WIPs with less than five chapters written or short abandoned WIPs. (I am willing to take abandoned stories for this list, provided they are lengthy.)

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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
2:06 pm
Harry as descendent of one of the Founders?
I'm considering making a new list soon: Harry related to one (or more) of the Founders, sorted by Founders.

Not quite sure, though, what all to include.
Some of them are obvious, such as Scion of Gryffindor, where he's the Heir of Gryffindor. Or HP & the Guardians of Power where he's descended of all of them.

But then there are a couple of stories where he isn't exactly descended of one of them: he either is one of the Founders, such as H is for Helga or related in other ways, such as in Crumbling Pedestal where he blood-bonds to Salazar Slytherin. (Though we find out later in the fic that he is also descended of Godric Gryffindor.)

And there are a very few fics where he isn't actually related to the Founders by blood but is chosen as magical Heir, such as in HP & the Manipulator of Destiny.

Then there are also a couple of stories where the fact that he is related to one of the Founders (most often Gryffindor obviously) is very much in the background.

Should I include only the obvious stories or everything that fits, no matter how vaguely?

And if anybody wants to leave story-recs for stories to include already, be my guest. :)
Stories that I can think of that fit of the top of my head:

Gryffindor: Scion of Gryffindor, Awakening of a Magus, HP & the Manipulator of Destiny, HP & the Secret Sanctuary, The Refiner's Fire, HP & the Sword of the Hero, Harry Potter Heir of Gryffindor, Reign of Power (?), What Harry Potter Owned, HP & Dumbledore's Army

Ravenclaw: Return of Ravenclaw

Slytherin: How to tell the truth from lies

Hufflepuff: H is for Helga

More than one: Sorceror's Apprentice (Ravenclaw through his mother, Slytherin by choice of Vault), My Father's Image (Ravenclaw through his mother, Slytherin by choice of Vault), Hogwarts Apprentices I: Gentry Green (Heir of Slytherin, Descendent of Gryffindor though Neville is Heir), Amulet of Time series (Ravenclaw, Gryffindor), Crumbling Pedestal (descendant of Gryffindor, blood-bonded to Slytherin)

Not exactly stated: The Founder's Heir

(Provided that list wouldn't be offending to you, Lanta, of course: several of the fics on my list would also be either on your nobility or Harry owns/controls Hogwarts - lists.)

Edit: list is finished. Thanks again for your input, Lanta and Jadzia! :)
Monday, July 10th, 2006
4:52 pm
Magical focus

I'm looking for stories where Harry gets a different magical focus. This can be for instance a staff, a scepter, jewellery, a weapon or a custom-made wand. But he has to be able to channel all (or at least most) of his spells through it. If he has a ring for instance that he can use to cast just one single spell, that doesn't count.

Concerning wands I won't take fics where he just gets an extra-wand (or even a normal replacement wand), it has to be made either custom-made for him or otherwise very special, such as he finds Godric Gryffindor's wand in his vaults and he is the first one to be able to use it since Godric. Or Harry himself makes the wand.

Btw, speaking of staves, English is not my first language and I seem to have managed to easily comprehend that which keeps many fanfic-writers stumped: staff is the singular and staves the plural...

I have read quite a few fics that would fit my list but unfortunately I seem to have forgotten most of them, so please help me out by reccing fics that fit this list. :)

- No obviously abandoned (unless they are very long) or badly written stories, please.
- Nor any WIPs with less than 5 chapters written.
- No crossovers.
- Wandless magic alone doesn't count, he has to use an object to channel his magic through (at least part of the time). But the focus can be on or in Harry's body, such as a tattoo (provided he can use this tattoo to cast diverse spells. Stories like Skindeep where the tattoos only cast one single spell, defending Harry against contact - don't count.)
- For stories with custom-wands or special wands I only take stories where Harry originally gets his holly-phoenix-wand and only lateron a second wand. But I take complete AU-stories with other magical foci.

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Saturday, July 8th, 2006
4:00 pm
Powerful Harry

I accept any stories for this list where Harry is outstandingly powerful - magically speaking. (For fics where he's politically powerful, check out lothy's list Fics where Harry is royalty or nobility.)
Half the superpower!Harry stories have Dumbledore as mentor, the other half seem to have him as manipulative bastard - so I'll use that as primary category for sorting the fics. I'll also try to sort into Light and Dark Harry. (As I don't read Evil!Harry-stories, I have to rely utterly on other people's input for that part.)

- No obviously abandoned or badly written stories, please.
- Nor any WIPs with less than 5 chapters written.
- No crossovers.
- Harry can be both obviously super!power or it can be more subtle, like in canon when he learns the Patronus-charm when he's 13. Things like him learning spells faster, doing them better than others; others having problems with enervating people Harry has stunned, etc.
- His power can be natural, from birth, an inheritance, through a ritual, a gift, etc. (Though not due to "just training". But if he is given special training and excels at it because of the power he has, like in "Summer of Change", that works.)
- Lots of Redo-Harry-stories have a powerful Harry, so I added some of the better ones to this list. (Funnily enough most of them are Grey Harry.) To check out the others, go see my other list Harry travels back in time to his younger self.

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
7:50 am
Hogwarts-AUs (Harry-centric)

Originally I saw this list as the third link to "AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys" and "Mentorship and adoption". But very few stories on this list actually have to do with adoption or mentorship. So now I renamed the list. And I'm taking every story where Harry's pre-Hogwarts life takes place at the Dursleys (though there can be changes as early as that) but the story centers around the changes that happen when Harry comes to Hogwarts.

- Harry lives with the Dursleys till he starts Hogwarts - but there can be other magical people nearby, Dursleys can be more abusive than canon, not abusive at all, etc.
- There can be changes to canon even before Hogwarts. But the important facts have to stay the same:
Attack on the fateful Halloween has happened, James and Lily are dead, Harry is magical and lives with the Dursleys till he comes to Hogwarts at 11. (After that he may come back to the Dursleys for the summer or not).
- Stories where he has grown up with anyone but the Dursleys (even if his childhood isn't shown much), belong in my AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys-list.
- No Redo-stories. See my Timetravel-list for those.
- No One-shots that just deal with "Harry was sorted into Slytherin" or similar.
- No abandoned stories or WIPs with less than five chapters, please. And no badly written stories.

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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
11:31 am
AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys

This list more or less goes hand in hand with the other list I started today, Mentorship and adoption (Harry-centric) - where I only take stories that follow canon at least for a while. This list is for Harry having a different childhood - which means in a lot of cases also being adopted or at least mentored by someone.
Stories where Harry grows up with the Dursleys but that diverge from canon afterwards, see AU: Harry grows up with the Dursleys but story diverges from canon once at Hogwarts.

I only take a very specific kind of AU, though:
- The fateful attack on Halloween happened. James and Lily are dead. Harry is the Boy Who Lived. (For AU-stories where James and Lily are alive, check out painless_j's list James and/or Lily live(s)).
- Harry is magical and comes to Hogwarts when he's 11 (or earlier). Or story can of course stop before Harry's years at Hogwarts. But I don't take any stories with "Harry comes to Hogwarts at 15..."
- Harry can be with the Dursleys originally but leaves them before he turns 11.
- No Redo-stories. See my Timetravel-list for those.
- Other than with my Mentorship and adoption-list, I accept Severitus and similar - provided they start pre-Hogwarts.
- No stories where Harry's caretaker lateron becomes his lover.
- No abandoned stories or WIPs with less than five chapters, please. And no badly written stories.

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9:42 am
Mentorship and adoption (Harry-centric)

Having worked so much on my pairing-lists the last week, I need a break from them. ;)
So I'm making a list for Harry being mentored or adopted.
- For this list I accept only stories that follow canon at least for one book. (AU-stories belong either in AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys or AU: Harry grows up with the Dursleys but story diverges from canon once at Hogwarts.)
- No Redo-stories. See my Timetravel-list for those.
- For Dumbledore as (only) mentor, see my Grandfatherly and mentor!Dumbledore-list.
- No Severitus-stories, "Sirius is Harry's father" or similar. (Unless the blood-relationship is secondary and someone else is the primary mentor! Or someone becomes Harry's mentor before the blood-relationship is known.) - for Severitus-stories see enahma's list Complete Severitus stories.
- And no stories where the mentor-relationship developes into a romantical one, please.
- No abandoned stories or WIPs with less than five chapters, please. And no badly written stories.
- There are a couple of stories where Harry gets adopted but the adoption is very far from being the focus of the story, so I probably won't add any of those.

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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
3:16 pm
Harry the Casanova

To complete my Harry/pairing-lists, I'm finally making a listing of Harry with Multi-ship.
This list is sorted into three categories:
1) Harry/Harem
Harry is linked up with lots of women (or more rarely guys) at the same time and continuously adds new ones.
2) Harry/Multi
Harry is linked up with at least three women (or possibly guys) simultaneously but there is a clear limit to the amount of partners he has. The fic leaves the impression that even ten years later he will still not have added another girl.
(Those fics can actually also be found on my Harry in three-, foursomes and similar-lists, sorted by Het, Mixed and Slash.) This list, however, is only for stable pairings, no one-offs!
3) Harry as Casanova
Harry is throughout the fic involved with at least three different women or guys - though not necessarily simultaneously. (Can be resolved with a "final ship" when he finally has found his true love or can be unresolved. Implied pairing for past-ships is accepted.)

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Saturday, July 1st, 2006
2:58 pm
Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - slash

I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. I replied that I didn't but was interested in stories of that kind anyway if he knew a couple of good ones. And this inspired me to make this second listing where Harry is with several girls or guys.
This part of the list is for Harry with only guys.

Please note that most fics on this list are unsuitable for underage readers. Show the authors and me some respect and don't click on the links if you are a minor. Anyway, tread cautiously and mind the warnings in the summaries and inside the fic files.

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2:54 pm
Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - mixed

I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. I replied that I didn't but was interested in stories of that kind anyway if he knew a couple of good ones. And this inspired me to make this second listing where Harry is with several girls or guys.
This part of the list is for Harry with girls and guys.

Please note that most fics on this list are unsuitable for underage readers. Show the authors and me some respect and don't click on the links if you are a minor. Anyway, tread cautiously and mind the warnings in the summaries and inside the fic files.

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
7:07 pm
Harry in three-, foursomes and similar - het

I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. I replied that I didn't but was interested in stories of that kind anyway if he knew a couple of good ones. And this inspired me to make this second listing where Harry is with several girls or guys.
This part of the list is for Harry with only girls.

Please note that several fics on this list are unsuitable for underage readers. Show the authors and me some respect and don't click on the links if you are a minor. Anyway, tread cautiously and mind the warnings in the summaries and inside the fic files.

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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
11:40 am
My lists

A short listing of my themed lists, pairing lists and favorite stories listing.

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
7:54 am
How did you get into fandom and what do you and don't you read?

I'm simply curious - and I'm hoping that people will see this and reply to this:

Stuff I'm curious about it is how people ended up in fandom.
Did you start with a specific pairing or a specific kind of story? Which one and why?
Did you ever start reading other pairings or other types of fanfic?
Is there any stuff you used to abhor and love now?
What squicks you out?

How active are you in fandom? (Do you just read or do you write yourself?)

What House would you be in if you were at Hogwarts?
What pet would you have?

And of course whatever else you'd like to add that fits. :)

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Monday, June 26th, 2006
12:00 pm
Harry as an Unspeakable, Hitwizard or similar

- I am primarily looking for Harry as an Unspeakable.
- But I'll also take fics where he is a Hitwizard or another equivalent occupation as very specialized and highly trained Fighter.
- I will not take, however, any fics where he is an Auror nor any fics where his training is completely independent of any profession but just as preparation for Harry defeating Voldemort.
- I'm also taking stories where another canon-character is an Unspeakable. (If it's a character like Croaker who we know to be an Unspeakable in canon, the fic has to have his being or becoming an Unspeakable as primary focus.)

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006
12:12 pm
Dumbledore in Harry/Snape-fanfics

I have been getting lots of Harry/Snape-fics for both my Manipulative Dumbledore and Grandfatherly and mentor!Dumbledore lists. For the most part they don't seem to fully fit in either of the lists, so I won't be adding most Harry/Snape-fics with Dumbledore playing an important role as the chief-manipulator in getting them together in either of those lists. Instead I'll try to categorize them somewhat here.

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