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Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - slash

I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. I replied that I didn't but was interested in stories of that kind anyway if he knew a couple of good ones. And this inspired me to make this second listing where Harry is with several girls or guys.
This part of the list is for Harry with only guys.

Please note that most fics on this list are unsuitable for underage readers. Show the authors and me some respect and don't click on the links if you are a minor. Anyway, tread cautiously and mind the warnings in the summaries and inside the fic files.

I did not know there were so many fics fitting my requirements when I started this list. Within two days this list has grown so much, it became barely manageable. I had to scroll for a looooong time whenever I added a fic and I was afraid I'd accidentally add a fic to the wrong category - I actually caught myself adding a Trio-fic with H/L/G once... (I just hope this was the only one!) I also didn't want to run afoul of the maximum-length for an entry.
So I decided to split this list into three parts:

Harry with only girls - though there can still be slash in a secondary pairing or femme-slash (this was the original list)
Harry with girls and guys
This final part of the list is for Harry in slash-relationships.

1) Harry/Draco/Severus
2) Harry/Remus/Severus
3) Harry/Fred/George
4) Harry/Sirius/Remus
5) Harry/Draco/Ron
6) Harry/Severus/Sirius
7) Other Threesomes
8) Moresomes
(If any other pairings should prove rather common, I'll add categories for them as well.)
Within categories fics are sorted alphabetically, disregarding articles. (Of course mistakes happen.)

- I take any kind of stories where Harry is involved in three-, foursomes or similar - I am primarily looking for het-pairings or mixed pairings though I will also take slash, with any char (canon or OC) though no bestiality-fics where people are involved with real animals, please. (Animagi are fine.)
- I will not take any threesomes (or similar) where Harry isn't part of the pairing!
- Stories can be "one-offs" or "stable pairings" (that take a whole novel-length story to develop). Or even where the pairing is mostly a background to the story. Both smutty PWPs and stories with a proper storyline are welcome.
- No badly written or obviously abandoned fics, please.
- I do NOT take Harem-type stories with quasi an unlimited number of girls involved. I'll take stories with more than four people involved only if there is a definitive limit to the amount of girls or guys!
- I do not take Triangle-fics where someone is simply torn between two lovers. There has to be a deliberate commitment to the two (or more) of them (though fics where someone regrets this the morning after are accepted).
- No stories where Harry has sex with his partner while someone else simply has sex with their partner in the same room unless they make up an actual three- or foursome out of the original pairings.
- If Harry has diverse different relationships with people in one fic, simply sleeping with one after the other, it doesn't count. It has to be either an obvious threesome (or more) or obvious from the fic that Harry simultaneously has a romantic relationship with more than one person - with all of them being aware of this! No Harry cheating on his girlfriend or boyfriend!

When you rec stories for this list, please don't leave just a link. To put them up in this list I particularly need Pairing and Summary. Status (WIP, Complete, Abandoned, Hiatus or One-shot) and Rating would help as well!!!
Thanks. :-) And thank you everyone who contributed to this list.

## I absolutely love this fic. It's really outstanding and original.
# Great fic, definitely worth a read.
NR I haven't read the fic
new Fic has been added recently.

Masterlist of Painless_J's Threesome Recs by painless_j. Several (if not all) of the fics are on my list - but it's certainly always nice to know what other people find rec-worthy.

1) Harry/Draco/Severus

Come What May by the_minx_17. #
Post-HBP. Pushed into a corner Severus Snape handles it the only way he knows how… he kills Albus Dumbledore. Harry Potter returns to the castle determined to find the power to kill not only Voldemort but also the man who took his mentor away from him, Severus Snape. Instead, he overhears a damning conversation between two people he trusted. Finally using his innate Slytherin cunning, he digs deeper and finds not everything is as it appears. Will it change his loyalties or just the way he fights?
NC-17. Complete.
A Lost Scene, belonging after Chapter 23: Shows the otherwise mostly implied Threesome.

Coercion is Underrated by SassyInkPen.
Harry goes looking for his homework and find something much more interesting. (He finds Snape and Draco fooling around and they coerce him into joining in)
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section is required.)

The Detention by SoftlySweetly.
Draco is brought into Harry & Severus' world, but is he too much of a liability?
NC-17. One-shot.

Devotion by CJ May.
Severus waits for his two lovers in his private rooms in the dungeons at Hogwarts.
One-shot. NC-17.

An Eye for an Eye by Arsenic arsenicjade. NR
Harry owes Draco a Life Debt.
NC-17. Complete.

Good Life Becoming by Sansa. NR
What does it take to turn animosity into something else? Harry, Severus and Draco form a binding friendship that evolves into much more. The events that bring them together also threaten to tear them apart.
NC-17. Complete.

Indago by LdDurham. NR
A missed potion reveals a secret about Draco and Snape and Harry finds out his own place in their sexually charged and animalistic hold. Will he be able to adjust to this final battle for a peaceful life?
Complete. NC-17.

Joining of Hands by empathic_siren.
Harry has closed himself off from the world after the war and Draco and Severus are determined to bring him out of his shell.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

Liaison by mijan. NR
Draco returns to Hogwarts on a business assignment and comes nose-to-nose with a piece of the past he'd been avoiding.
One-shot. NC-17.

Novocain for the Soul by spark_of_chaos. NR
Isn't it balance that makes you strong? [Vampire, Post-Hogwarts]
NC-17. One-shot.

Quid Pro Quo T.O.O. by Josan josanpq. NR
It's prophesied that Harry and Draco must work together to defeat Voldemort. They, however, get along like cat and dog. Their Heads of House and the Headmaster get fed up with it and decide to isolate them from their peers for the winter holidays to teach them to cooperate. The task falls to Snape.
NC-17. Complete.

The Revolution by Donavon. NR
Harry had decided to take control, and Boy, is he out of control; the Wizarding world needs to worry.
NC-17. Complete.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Kat Reitz and tzigane. NR
What would happen if Harry finally lost absolutely everything?
R. One-shot.

Stalks and Bonds by Selina Thrumwhistle selina_t.
After Severus betrays the Dark Lord, he and Draco are thrown into Azkaban to await their fate. Then Harry Potter is captured as well, and Severus must come up with a plan to save them all—and quickly.
NC-17. One-shot.

That Potion Desk 1 by Aether. #
Draco and Harry are caught by Snape in a compromising position - leaving him wondering just why Harry has a thing for his potions desk.
That Potion Desk 2, That Potion Desk 3.
NC-17. Series of One-shots. Complete.

Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight rushlight75. NR
When Harry falls into the hands of the Death Eaters, he learns that life isn't as black-and-white as he'd once thought it to be.
Complete. NC-17.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part II: Harry/Severus/Remus & Harry/Severus/Draco by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

SHaDy Threesomes List by ravenna_c_tan. Very long Harry/Draco/Snape-list.

2) Harry/Remus/Severus

Bed of Bones by Dianann ladyflowdi.
What Harry must do to remain sane, after the events of Book 5.
NC-17. One-shot.

Broken Hearts Series by Starkindler. NR
Harry discovers his marriage was a lie.
WIP. NC-17.

Cherry Bomb by McKay.
Snape loses his virginity at long last.
NC-17. One-shot.
Prequels The Chat-Up and Just to Love. (Harry/Remus)
Sequels Do As I Say (And I Will Be Your Slave) and Hidden Claims.

Closer by Occasus.
Harry wants something for his birthday. And Harry always gets what he wants.
NC-17. One-shot.

Finishing Touch by Flora florahart.
Christmas items challenge. Again. Ribbon, and mention of a candy cane, though that's less than sexual.
NC-17. One-shot.

A Goodbye Visit by SerpentSlaveChik. NR
Harry's decided to leave. But before he goes, he wants to say goodbye to his secret love. He gets more than he expected, and now he might not leave after all.
NC-17. Complete.

In Medias Res by McKay. NR
Harry wants to show both of his lovers how much he desires them.
One-shot. NC-17.

Naughty, Naughty by McKay. NR
Remus decides his partners need a little discipline.
One-shot. NC-17.

The Pain of Misunderstanding by betsanne. #
Harry Potter is in love with Severus and Remus, who are together. Before he graduates, Harry Potter spends the night with them. Hurt and in pain because he thinks his feelings aren't returned, Harry leaves Hogwarts. Harry finds out that he is pregnant. Will he tell Severus and Remus? Is there any hope for the three men? Mpreg.
NC-17. Complete.

Saturday Night Special by empathic_siren. NR
Remus and Severus initiate Harry into their world of dominance, silk, and kink. Warnings for cross-dressing and D/s
NC-17. One-shot.

The Scars We Bear by Angeline. NR
Nearly pure porn, with only a tiny bit of redeeming plot.
NC-17. One-shot.

A Surprise Visit by SerpentSlaveChik. NR
Harry, Severus and Remus have to keep their relationship secret, but it's gonna be hard. Especially when a little surprise comes their way.
NC-17. WIP.

Three Men and a Potion by celandineb and cruisedirector. NR
A werewolf, a Death Eater and the Chosen One walked into a bar...
NC-17. One-shot.
Sequel Three Men and a Bed.

Unexpected 6 by The Seeker. NR
In the tower.
NC-17. One-shot. (Part of the Unexpected Series.)

Masterlist of Threesomes Part II: Harry/Severus/Remus & Harry/Severus/Draco by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

3) Harry/Fred/George

Bonding Experiences by Flora florahart. NR
Harry takes a holiday away from Snape with the Weasleys.
NC-17. One-shot.

Checking It Twice by emmagrant01. NR
The twins have a surprise for Harry.
NC-17. One-shot.

Crucify by Zoe Rayne. NR
"Sometimes you're too close to a thing to see it clearly, and then sometimes you've got the distance - the perspective - for clarity, but you just don't have the experience to know what it is you're looking at."
One-shot. PG.

Double the Fun by Lunadeath. NR
Harry goes to the Weasleys for the remainder of the summer, as usual, and not only is Ron there, but so are the twins. When Fred and George learn of Harry's sexuality, they decide to pounce!
NC-17. One-shot.

Gemini by Jain. NR
Harry is drawn into the twin's circle.
NC-17. One-shot.

Help from Twins by Chika Chan. NR
Vernon is abusive and Harry needs help. Enter Weasley twins stage left.
G. One-shot.

It's All in the Kneepads by mousapelli.
Harry stumbles upon some plotting Weasleys in the Gryffindor locker room, and is instructed in some alternate uses for Quidditch protective gear.
NC-17. One-shot.

Just Say the Word by Llama. NR
Fred and George open their joke shop but with another shop underground, a sex toyshop.
NC-17. One-shot.

Lions in the Woods by Nimori. NR
"Remus would have taken points for language if he'd still been Harry's professor and if school was in and if he wasn't hard as he watched his dead friend's son being rimmed."
NC-17. One-shot.

A Little Problem of Virginity by Beren beren_writes. NR
Harry wakes up on his sixteenth birthday and decides that he does not want to die a virgin.
NC-17. One-shot.
Sequel A Little Problem of Someone Else's Virginity: Harry/Fred/George/Draco.

The Many Charms About You by amanuensis1. NR
A potion goes wrong. Harry's on the receiving end. And he's in trouble.
NC-17. One-shot. Non-con.

Mischief Manifest by Rhysenn.
It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
NC-17. One-shot.

Opening Up by srichard. NR
Harry won't respond to anything...until the twins step in.
NC-17. One-shot.

Spot of Trouble by Flora florahart. NR
Fred and George are arrested for using illegal ingredients in their joke sweets. Harry, as their main investor, has to bail them out and try to sort out this mess.
NC-17. One-shot.

This Happy Morning by Isolde. NR
Harry spends a post-OotP Christmas at the Weasleys.
One-shot. NC-17.

Three Way Kiss by son_of_darkness. NR
Fred and George know Harry is under a lot of stress and they offer to... uh... help.
One-shot. NC-17.

Untitled by Flora florahart.
Fred and George help out Harry in the kitchen.
R. One-shot.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part III: Harry/Severus/Lucius & Harry/Fred/George by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

4) Harry/Sirius/Remus

Animagus in One Week: Money Back Guaranteed by amanuensis1.
Smut. Slash. Slavery. Spankings. Silliness.
NC-17. Complete. Humor.

Bath Time Fun by shadowgardens. NR
Short PWP in a shower.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

Being Checked Twice by mousapelli. NR
Remus is attempting to make a grocery list.
NC-17. One-shot.

Birthday Present by kris_t. NR
It's Harry's birthday, and Sirius and Remus had just the perfect gift for him.
NC-17. One-shot.

A Christmas Carol by shaychana. NR
Sirius is visited by three spectres on Christmas Eve.
NC-17. One-shot.

Duende by cluegirl. NR
This story takes place at the beginning of Order of the Phoenix, on the first night Harry spends in Grimmauld Place. Harry walks in on Remus and Sirius lovemaking...
NC-17. One-shot.

The Education of Young Mr. Potter by violent_quill. NR
Harry stumbles upon Remus and Sirius - who decide he needs to learn something other than Transfiguration.
NC-17. One-shot.

Generations by lady_aubrey. NR
Sirius' antics lead to a secret revealed... and a kitchen three-way.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

In Between by amanuensis1. NR
Harry is jealous of both Sirius and Remus. He wants in.
NC-17. One-shot.

Kicking the Habit by mooncharm. NR
Threesome, rimming and foodsmut!!! W00t!!
NC-17. One-shot.

Left Out by mousapelli. NR
Sirius isn't, much as he wants to be.
NC-17. One-shot.

No Word That Is Not Flesh by Sam Vimes copperbadge. NR
Drunken confessions, drunken maths, drunken snogging.
NC-17. One-shot.

Of Wolf and Man by Maeglin Yedi maeglinyedi. NR
Remus is stuck as a wolf, Harry is stuck with a very unusual and persistent lover, and Sirius is stuck somewhere in the middle.
NC-17. Complete. Bestiality.
Sequels How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks and To See the Human Mind Take Wing.

Playing 'What If' by wilde_stallyn. NR
Harry has a secret fantasy he's been hiding from his lovers. When they find out just what it is, they decide it's only fair to give him what he wants.
NC-17. One-shot.

Private Tutoring by sethkyne_blue. NR
Um… Sirius, Remus and Harry. On a bed. Clothes start coming off. You get the picture.
One-shot. NC-17.

To See the Human Mind Take Wing by Maeglin Yedi maeglinyedi. NR
Harry's final year at Hogwarts is filled with secrets, old enemies and new threats. Unable to share his current life with his friends, Harry has to put his faith in the unlikeliest of allies to find a way to defeat Voldemort while his love for Sirius and Remus is repeatedly put to the test.
NC-17. Complete. Bestiality.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part I: Harry/Remus/Sirius by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

5) Harry/Draco/Ron

Acceptance by Abaddon. NR
Harry and Draco are, as always, intent on having fun. Ron gets a look at the dynamic from the inside.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)
Sequel to Submission Harry/Draco.

Alone by iwantasoda. NR
Harry and Draco make use of a deserted Gryffindor Tower and are joined by an uninvited party.
NC-17. One-shot.

For the Love of Harry by sev1970.
When Draco pushes him away, Harry finds solace in Ron, but knows he'll never be over Draco. Ron figures out what to do about it.
NC-17. One-shot.

Give Him More by inell. NR
It was the sound of skin against skin that caught his attention.
NC-17. One-shot.

Harassment by Avon. NR
Two hormonal and power-tripping prefects come across a long-time enemy and can't help but abuse their powers.
NC-17. One-shot. Dubious consent.

Harlequin by Lethe. NR
Wherein Harry receives a mysterious invitation to Black and White Midnight, shows up with an uninvited guest, and finds himself at the mercy of his captor. Or is it captors?
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

The Malfoy Guide to Productive Extortion by Mirabella mirasfics. NR
Harry's either drunk and horny or drunk and cuddly, depending on your point of view. Ron's straight but no one holds it against him. Draco could hand out detentions, but he has a better idea.
NC-17. One-shot.

A New'Some by irana. NR
Ron has been watching Harry and Draco.
NC-17. One-shot.

Unexpected by Calliope teaspoon14. NR
Harry and Ron get joined by someone unexpected.
R. One-shot.

To the Victor by simmysim. #
After Harry has destroyed all of Voldemort's Horcruxes, Voldemort begs Harry not to kill him by sending him several gifts. The last gift is a naked and trussed up Draco...
NC-17. One-shot.

Untitled by iwantasoda. NR
Draco, Harry and Ron have a bit of fun in the Quidditch Showers.
NC-17. One-shot.

Watchful Eyes by Soul's Space.
Harry had always watched them, the both of them, and fantasised…
NC-17. One-shot.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part VI: Harry/Draco/Ron & Harry/Severus/Ron by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

Harry/Ron/Draco Masterlist, compliled by quietliban.

6) Harry/Severus/Sirius

The Blaze of Noon by nimori. NR
Sirius comes back from beyond the veil having lost his senses: deaf, blind, almost catatonic. Harry gradually brings him back to life. His lover, Snape, helps him.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Fairy Tale of Git, Dog and Murderer by gypso_child. NR
Once upon a time, there was a murderer and his occasionally canid lover. Once upon a time, the scarred murderer rescued an ugly git from himself.
One-shot. NC-17.

In Camera by Marks. marksykins. NR
A historical perspective on the private life of Harry James Potter, Boy-Who-Lived, Defeater of Voldemort, Wizard-Muggle Chancellor, b. 1980 - d. 2090.
NC-17. Complete.

Let's us have a party all our own by gypso_child. NR
To Harry, every moment together is explosive. But, perhaps, this one is a little more so than usual. After all, it’s not everyday you sneak into the cloak room during a Ministry Gala to get it off with your boyfriends.
NC-17. One-shot.

A Prelude to Valour by nimori. NR
Snape saves Harry from the Dursleys. Harry doesn't want saving.
NC-17. Complete.

7) Other Threesomes

Ambushed by switchknife. NR
Harry/James/Sirius. Summer shenanigans at the Potter household.
NC-17. One-shot. Incest.

And They Fell by curia_regis.
Harry/Lucius/Severus. Post-war. Snape gets caught by the Muggle police.
NC-17. One-shot. Non-con.

Animal Instincts by fluffyllama. NR
Harry/James/Sirius. What Harry wants, Harry gets. With a little help from his fairy godfather.
NC-17. One-shot. Incest.

At Last by Ciceronian. NR
Harry/Charlie/Severus. Fed up with his life as a Healer, Harry returns to Hogwarts where he slips back into old routines until he stumbles upon Charlie Weasley and Severus Snape and his world begins spinning in an entirely different direction.
One-shot. NC-17.

The Beast by Sushi. NR
Harry/Snape, Harry/Snape/Voldemort. Months after Harry Potter fell in the final battle with Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape went into the Forbidden Forest... only to discover a world lost to time.
NC-17. Complete.

Beyond This Point Lie Monsters by Hijja kennahijja. NR
Harry/Voldemort/Lucius. When Harry sneaks into Hogwarts nether regions to spy on a visiting Lucius Malfoy, he has no idea what he's getting himself into. A different kind of showdown, in the Chamber of Secrets and beyond, between Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter and Tom Riddle.
Complete. NC-17.

A Birthday Surprise by Magdelena magdelena1969. NR
Harry/Draco/Remus. Snippets from Harry, Draco, and Remus’ lives together from their bonding ceremony through their children’s enrollments at Hogwarts.
NC-17. One-shot.
Sequel A Birthday Bonding.

Bound by Lupusdragon. NR
Harry/Seamus/Blaise. Harry wakes up bound to his bed. Mildly kinky Interhouse cooperation ensues.
One-shot. NC-17. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

A Careful Strategy by Snaples. NR
Harry/Blaise/Snape. A Slytherin sandwich with Gryffindor meat. PWP.
NC-17. One-shot.

Catching Up by Hijja kennahijja. NR
Harry/Ron/Lucius. Harry Potter caught up with Lucius Malfoy in a deserted corridor of locked Herbology storerooms on the ground floor level of Hogwarts castle.
NC-17. One-shot. Dubious con.

Cutting the Cord by Flora florahart. NR
Harry/Bill/Remus. "What did you do?" Remus sounded healthier than he had in days, but he also sounded angry, his husky rasp less weak and fevered than fierce and growling.
"I disrupted the drain on you. You knew what it was, I believe?"
NC-17. One-shot.

Dessert by Flora florahart.
Harry/Draco/Percy. Harry and Draco invite Percy for supper and more.
NC-17. One-shot.

Fantasia by Femme.
Harry/Ron/Percy. A fantasy is brought to life.
NC-17. One-shot.

Give and It Shall Be Given Unto You by kaiz. NR
Harry/Snape, Harry/Draco, Harry/Lucius/Snape. Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.
NC-17. Complete.

In Dreams by irana. NR
Harry/Bill/Remus. Remus' secret desires are spoken in his sleep as he dreams. Bill decides to make his dreams come true. Who says three is a crowd?
NC-17. One-shot.

Inner Fire by CCCarioca. NR
Harry/Bill/Charlie. Vampire sex - Blood play.
NC-17. One-shot.
Prequels Blood Red Lips, Inevitable as the Coming Storm. Harry/Bill.

In the Middle by switchknife. NR
Harry/James/Sirius. Sometimes, being in the middle isn't so bad.
One-shot. NC-17. Incest.

I've Got You Under My Skin by Abaddon. NR
Harry/Draco/Voldemort. A dark and disturbing AU in which Voldemort won. No happy endings here.
NC-17. One-shot.
Sequels Something Stupid, Love's Been Good To Me. Moon River and What Now My Love (Harry/Draco.) (All require the password to the Restricted Section.)

Love and Joy Come to You by McKay.
Harry/Neville/Remus. Remus and Neville ask Harry to help them celebrate their first Christmas together in a special way.
NC-17. One-shot.

A New Pet by jordangrant. NR
Harry/Sirius/Draco, Harry/Padfoot/Draco. Collars. Draco. A new pet.
NC-17. Complete.

On Holiday by Lyricalnights.
Harry/Severus/Bill. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.
One-shot. NC-17.

Only the Lonely by violet_quill. NR
Remus/Harry/Neville. Harry and Neville showing Remus that he's not alone.
One-shot. R.

Pursuit and Capture by irana. NR
Harry/Bill/Remus. What do Remus Lupin and Bilius Weasley have in common aside from being former Order members, and how does Harry Potter fit in?
NC-17. One-shot.

Photographic Evidence by daughter_moon. #
Harry/Neville/Severus. Harry and Neville are drawn together over their mutual facination with Snape. Everything is fine until Snape catches them and finds out everything.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Retreat by cybele_san.
Harry/Ron/Severus. After a long night, Snape gets locked up in a small place with two Gryffindors.
R. One-shot.

Reward by Flora florahart.
Harry/Fred/Oliver. Post-practice celebrations in the Quidditch locker room.
NC-17. One-shot. Chan.

Sakura Drops by deityofdeath. NR
Harry/Lucius/Severus. Harry has forgotten who he is and has no memory of his past or of getting performing the act that got him pregnant, yet he is prepared to find out.
NC-17. WIP.

Shaving Accident by Flora florahart. NR
Harry/Bill/Remus. "You usually only use shaving foam morning after, love." Harry froze. "I suppose you might use it somewhere sensitive, though. Those depilatory charms can be a bit rough on sensitive skin."*
NC-17. One-shot.

The Stability of Three by Beren beren_writes. NR
Harry/Neville/Draco. Two vampires have found themselves a lost soul and they intend to make him theirs.
One-shot. NC-17.

Subliminal Mindfuck by hailiebu. NR
Harry/Blaise/Draco. Draco has an impossible fantasy. Blaise has a crazy idea.
NC-17. Complete.

Three Men and a Rose by Eriador117. NR
Harry/Bill/Severus. Harry just wants to belong to someone.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Tutoring Session by Marks marksykins.
Harry/Bill/Draco. "'What I'm suggesting is you...and me...and him...together.' Both Bill and Harry focused on the stage, as the dancing stranger seductively licked the bass player from chin to ear."
One-shot. NC-17.

Unexpected 5 by The Seeker. NR
Snape/Harry/Hagrid. In the forest.
NC-17. One-shot. (Part of the Unexpected Series.)

Unexpected Guest by Icarus.
Harry/Severus/Ron. Harry invites a third person to 'try something a little different.' It comes as a bit of a surprise to Ron. Pure smut, with a bit of a twist at the end.
Takes place in the Primer to the Dark Arts Universe.
NC-17. One-shot.

Unexpected Love by Deirdra. NR
Harry/Draco/Lucius. Lucius receives a letter from a student claiming to be in love with him. He goes to Hogwarts to find out who wrote it and gets more than he bargained for. Updated every Monday and Friday.
NC-17. Complete.

The Winner Takes It All by Marks marksykins. NR
Harry/Ron/Neville. What do you get when you add together Neville, ABBA, Ronata and Harriet, Georgia O'Keeffe, and the wizarding world's Audrey II? Well, something like this.
PG-13. One-shot. Humor.

You Bet by Crimsom Phoenix jemixe. NR
Harry/Severus/Lucius. Harry is serving a detention with Snape when Lucius Malfoy walks in. What happens when Harry catches Lucius' eye, and how does Snape fit in?
NC-17. One-shot.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part III: Harry/Severus/Lucius & Harry/Fred/George by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part VI: Harry/Draco/Ron & Harry/Severus/Ron by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

Masterlist of Threesomes Part VII: Harry/Draco/Lucius by angeline_dark. While some of the fics probably are on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

8) Moresomes

Bottoms Up by McKay scribbulus_ink. #
Harry/Remus/Severus/Neville/Bill/Draco. Finding themselves house-bound together during a storm, the boys find a way to pass the time until they can leave.
One-shot. NC-17.

Boy Time by broi. NR
Harry/Fred/George/Seamus. A peek behind the Fat Lady: the Gryffindor boys take over the common room
NC-17. One-shot.

Do You Understand? by inell. NR
Harry/Draco/Ron/Blaise. Blaise makes Draco understand.
One-shot. NC-17. Non-con.

Elemental Tapestry by Vera dragons_muse. NR
Harry/Ron/Draco/Severus. Four lives are woven together for a greater purpose.
NC-17. Complete.

Hell Frozen Over by cybele_san. #
Harry/Severus/Sirius/Remus. Harry makes a wish for his eighteenth birthday. Remus devises a way to make the wish come true.
NC-17. Complete.
Sequel to The Road to Hell.

Learning from Orpheus by amanuensis1. NR
Harry/Sirius/Remus/James. Harry goes back to make things right. He gets distracted.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Little Firewhiskey That Could by yamapea. NR
Harry/Draco/Remus/Sirius. Harry wakes up to discover that Draco has prepared quite the birthday extravaganza.
NC-17. One-shot.

A Question of Etiquette by swtalmnd. ##
Harry/Severus/Fred/George. Snape takes it upon himself to teach Harry the etiquette of arranging homosexual liaisons in the wizarding world. The twins help with the practicals.
WIP. NC-17.

Running Poolside by Cyane Snape. NR
Harry/Draco/Severus/Remus. Four men naked in a pool. What else do you need?
One-shot. NC-17.

Sport, Or How Percy Weasley Learned to Love Quidditch by Flora florahart.
Harry/Draco/Percy/Oliver. *Quidditch? “Sir. I’m certain there is something more …pertinent I could be assigned to. Perhaps I could simply work out of the steno pool.”* Percy is not happy with his new job.
One-shot. NC-17.

Three Gryffindors and a Slytherin by Beren beren_writes. NR
Harry/Sirius/Remus/Draco. It was only supposed to be a small party to celebrate the Ministry finally sorting themselves out and officially declaring Sirius innocent, really it was.
NC-17. One-shot.

Two by Four by xylodemon. NR
Harry/Draco/Remus/Sirius. Draco always gets what he wants, even when Harry doesn't think its a good idea.
NC-17. One-shot.

Unexpected 8 by The Seeker. NR
Snape/Harry/Lupin/Black. In the Seeker's Sex Space, Padfoot joins the fun.
NC-17. One-shot. (Part of the Unexpected Series.)

Masterlist of Threesomes Interlude: Foursomes and Orgies by angeline_dark. While some of the fics are probably on my list, I don't intend to copy them all.

hp_ot3 Community dedicated to Threesomes of all kind.

quadrashag Community dedicated to Three- and Moresomes of all kind.

hms_sixpack Community dedicated to all possible pairings within the Ministry Six.

My other lists.
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