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AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys

This list more or less goes hand in hand with the other list I started today, Mentorship and adoption (Harry-centric) - where I only take stories that follow canon at least for a while. This list is for Harry having a different childhood - which means in a lot of cases also being adopted or at least mentored by someone.
Stories where Harry grows up with the Dursleys but that diverge from canon afterwards, see AU: Harry grows up with the Dursleys but story diverges from canon once at Hogwarts.

I only take a very specific kind of AU, though:
- The fateful attack on Halloween happened. James and Lily are dead. Harry is the Boy Who Lived. (For AU-stories where James and Lily are alive, check out painless_j's list James and/or Lily live(s)).
- Harry is magical and comes to Hogwarts when he's 11 (or earlier). Or story can of course stop before Harry's years at Hogwarts. But I don't take any stories with "Harry comes to Hogwarts at 15..."
- Harry can be with the Dursleys originally but leaves them before he turns 11.
- No Redo-stories. See my Timetravel-list for those.
- Other than with my Mentorship and adoption-list, I accept Severitus and similar - provided they start pre-Hogwarts.
- No stories where Harry's caretaker lateron becomes his lover.
- No abandoned stories or WIPs with less than five chapters, please. And no badly written stories.

1) He lives with the Dursleys at first but lateron someone else cares for him
2) Someone else has been caring for him since the beginning
3) He pretty much cares for himself after having run away from the Dursleys

When you rec stories for this list, please don't leave just a link. To put them up in this list I particularly need the name of the mentor or person adopting Harry and a general summary. Status (WIP, Complete, Abandoned, Hiatus or One-shot), pairings (if there are any) and Rating would help as well!!!
Thanks. :-) And thank you everyone who contributed to this list.

## I absolutely love this fic. It's really outstanding and original.
# Great fic, definitely worth a read.
NR I haven't read the fic, NRC only partially read
new Fic has been added recently.

1) He lives with the Dursleys at first but lateron someone else cares for him

Bless the Child by Gia. NR
At the young age of 5, Harry somehow makes it to Hogwarts. The entire faculty decide to let him stay, much to Harry's delight. An unknown woman plots against Harry, hoping to use him to get power. Is their hope for him?
Snape mentors Harry.
Complete. PG.

By the Light of the Moon by MoriasDepths. NR
She was a teacher, not a mother. But in the aftermath of a Death Eater attack, Minerva McGonagall found herself rearing two orphaned werewolf boys as her own, one of whom the darkness would do anything to destroy... Harry Potter (and Dudley).
WIP. PG-13.

Child of Four by Sarini. NR
The difference one spell can make... Voldemort developed a spell that mimicked death, trapping a soul within a body, but then his own body was lost. How will the path of Harry's life change? HBP compliant somewhat SLASH and het.
Harry spends about a year at the Dursleys before the "mimicking death" spell that Voldemort cast on his parents wears off and they come and take him home. Harry is raised by his parents and Remus and Sirius, and he has an especially close familial relationship with Remus.

Eight by Lily Elizabeth Snape. NR
Harry is eight years old and is sent to live with Snape. Will Snape ever lighten up enough to notice Harry's problems? Abused!Harry, Guardian!Severus, No slash.

A Good Babysitter by RosemaryJolene.
Harry Potter has a perfectly nice babysitter. But he'd rather have a mum.
Complete. PG-13.

new Growing Up Malfoy by kira66. NR
A twist of fate brings a six year old Harry into the company of the Malfoy's and Voldemort. Will the boy survive?
Harry is abandoned by the Dursley's when he is six and is taken in by LV.
Harry sees LV as his father but is raised mainly by the Malfoys. Later LV dies and Lucius adopts him into the family as Draven Alexander Riddle-Malfoy.

The Heir of Corvus I: The Philosopher's Stone by Lady-Treason. NR
Taken from a doorstep ten years previous, Harry James Potter-Corvus, the heir to the throne of the Corvus Clan is a vampire, and he’s damn proud of it. Now, the Wizarding world is about to find out what happened to their hero. Will they recognise talent when they see it, or will prejudice get in the way?
Complete. R.
Sequels The Heir of Corvus II: The Chamber of Secrets, The Heir of Corvus III: The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Heir of Corvus IV: The Goblet of Fire. Part V is planned but not begun yet - as the author is working on some other stories currently.

Hand-Me-Down Clothes by quillitch. #
By Merlin Albus! That boy must be moved! What if Dumbledore took Harry away from no.4 Privet Drive, with its perfectly pruned shrubs and colour coordinated flower beds, to somewhere he could call home...
Dumbledore adopts him when he's seven.
PG-13. Complete.

A Knight of My Own by Altaira. #
When Dumbledore keeps putting Harry with the wrong kind of people, Severus rides to the rescue. Supposedly pre-slash but mostly Severus mentoring Harry.
PG. One-shot.

Living With Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow. ##
Sirius/OFC, Remus/OFC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Draco, Neville/OFC, Charlie/Tonks. A few months after Voldemort's first fall Remus (with the help of two OFCs) finds out where Harry lives and how the Dursleys treat him. They also find out that Pettigrew was the traitor and that Sirius is innocent. They steal Harry and break Sirius out of Azkaban. Basically Harry, Draco and Hermione grow up together with Remus, Sirius and the wives of the two Marauders.
PG-13. Complete.
Sequels Living without Danger and Dealing with Danger.
There are also a couple of One-shots, Alternate Endings and Crossovers.

Luna's Hubby by Meteoricshipyards. #
Harry/Luna. 7 year old Luna wants a husband, and she wants one now. With the unintended help of her befuddled father, she kidnaps Harry Potter. (Idea and 1st chapter by Roscharch's Blot.) As Harry had been abused by the Dursleys, the Lovegoods decide to keep him, calling him Harry Lovegood and pretending that he is a year younger than he actually is. (Written Post-HBP, HBP-spoilers but some changes to Horcrux-locations, etc.)
WIP. PG-13.

Mine by Gillian Middleton gillianinoz. NR
Against his better judgement Severus Snape let a part of himself be used in a spell six years earlier. Now the consequences of his actions cannot be avoided any longer and Snape finds himself the father of a five year old boy-Harry Potter!
Complete. PG-13.
Sequels Snape's Vocation, The Owl and the Puppydog and The Absence of Unhappy.

My Dad by Sever Us1 aliaseverus. NR
Severus Snape is Harry Potter's Dad but not how you think! Scenes in the life of a suprised potions master forced to raise his cousin's son. Follows Harry's life from age two on if he'd been raised by Severus.

Of Western Stars by neutral neutrallized. NRC
Sirius comes across a picture of Harry five years into his imprisonment, and decides to see his godson at all costs. But when he finds Harry neglected and abused, he makes a decision that entangles them both in more troubles than ever before.
PG-13. Complete.
Sequel Clawtracks of a Star Abandoned.

Prayer of a Child by Indarae. NR
In 1984, the Lestranges and Barty Crouch, Jr. attacked the Longbottoms - we know Frank was an Auror, but what if the attack was part of a much larger plan? Who was he guarding? (A response to Severitus' challenge). Harry is rescued from the Dursleys in 1984 after an attack at their home. He goes to Hogwarts at first. While there they discover that Snape is his father, something that neither he nor Dumbledore knew. He looks like Snape and not James Potter. They cover up his scar and Snape legally changes his name to Herodos Iames Snape. He wanted a Greek name, because his mother's family is Greek, that would have Harry as a nickname. He is called Harry throughout the story. He is sent off to live with Snape's family in Greece and only sees his father over the holidays. When he comes to Hogwarts he has forgotten that he is Harry Potter. Part of this story is him trying to figure out the mystery of himself.
Complete. PG-13.

A Promise Worth Keeping by Cas.
Before he ever hears of Hogwarts, Harry has a magical accident which has horrible repercussions for him. In a race to protect him, two old friends end up on opposite sides when the real danger lies elsewhere.
PG-13. Complete.

Snape's Invisible Friend by teacherbev. ##
Harry rescues himself as a baby and chooses Snape as his protector, why no one knows, because the toddler isn’t telling, and no one can see him but Snape.
Complete. PG.
Sequels Growing Up Snape and Shaun Snape: Age 8. (Another sequel is planned but not yet begun).

Stealing Harry by Sam Vimes copperbadge. NR
When Sirius and Remus go looking for Peter Pettigrew, they make a wrong turn and someone else finds him first. Eight years later, Sirius owns a book store and Remus manages it for him. When Harry stumbles into the store and they find out the truth, they decide it's time to be Stealing Harry. (SB/RL slash relationship in later chapters.)
Complete. PG-13.
Sequels Tales from the River House (WIP), Laocoon's Children - The Philosopher's Stone, Laocoon's Children - Secret Tongues and Laocoon's Children - The Fugitive from Azkaban (WIP).

A Surreal Tale by quivo. NR
Slytherin!Harry. What happens to the Wizarding World when Bellatrix and others discover the news of her inability to bear magical children? An enraged Dark Lord falls, and a small boy becomes missing: Harry.
Harry adopted by Bellatrix.
Complete. R.
WIP-Sequel A Mistaken Fate.

Uneasy Lies The Head by Katling swordkat. NR
"A result of Lanta's plot bunny. Harry comes to Hogwarts as a King - rewrite of Philosopher's Stone."
Sirius is Regent and takes care of Harry.
WIP. PG. (Need to be a member of her Yahoo Group to access the files.)

What Do We Do Now? by momma_dar. NR
Severitus. Harry is taken from the Dursleys at age 5 and given to Severus' care. Only the Killing Curse has left him deaf.
WIP. PG-13.

The Wizard of Silence by Corwalch. NR
HPCharmed XOver. The Dursley's hate magic so much they are willing to try & handicap Harry to insure he doens't become a Wizard. However the wizarding community aren't the only ones watching over Harry & someone intends to intervene.

2) Someone else has been caring for him from the beginning

After the Dawn: The First Years by WolfMoon. NR
Harry raised by Sirius. Voldemort has fallen, the wizarding world is celebrating. But little Harry Potter, their hero, has disappeared after he was taken to his aunt and uncle, and Sirius Black was never caught...
PG. Complete.
Sequel After the Dawn: The Philosopher's Stone.

Brothers from the North by Lyssaphra. NR
When the Krum family happens to find Harry on that fateful night 81 and take him in as their son, they change history. But how come only Snape knows where he is?
Complete. PG-13.

Different Timeline by Crys. ##
Harry/Padma. Harry wakes up to find the world changed around him. (Harry has grown up with Sirius.)
One-shot. PG.
Sequel Life in a Different Timeline by veraklon.

Fidelius by Ishtar. NR
Due to Lily's choice of phrasing on the Fidelius Charm, it does not break when Voldemort attacks. With Peter on the run, nobody knows what happened to Voldemort, the Death Eaters are in disarray, and Harry Potter becomes the Boy Who Vanished.
Harry is raised by the repentant ghost of Peter and the Potter house elves.
WIP. PG-13.

The Happy Red Prince by LT2000. NR
Seven Year AU. Suppose the Dursleys had not been Harry's only living relations. How might the young hero that we know and adore have been changed by a loving childhood? The differences might not be as universally positive as one might think...
Harry is raised by Petunia's mother.

He's My Son by Wulfric Gryffindor.
Harry being raised at Hogwarts by Dumbledore.

The Maddest House by busaikko. NR
Remus/Sirius. In the aftermath of Halloween 1981, Sirius Black finds himself in a safe house with baby Harry. (The story ends in 1991, months before Harry would enter Hogwarts.)
Complete. NC-17.

The Misplaced Potter by chubbyredburn. NR
When Dumbledore accidentally abandons Harry on the porch of #14 Privet Drive instead of #4, his life will be changed forever. Harry is adopted by the daughter of the elderly couple who live in #14 Privet Drive and his new family takes him to America with them. Harry becomes a strong, confident young man with simple dreams for his future. Features Hufflepuff!Harry with a quiet manner and a backbone of steel.
PG-13. Complete.
WIP-Sequel The Misplaced Potter 2.

Ninja Wizard by David4. NR
Harry/Hermione. What if someone else found Harry first on that fateful night? This is a story of one possibility. Harry grows up in a village in Japan and becomes ninja. Based on all six books.
PG-13. WIP.

Not Myself Series by Saerry Snape. NR
Harry Potter is left as an orphan on the streets of London. Yet when he finds himself in the home of a family of wizards, he finds that he's a wizard. And not just any wizard...
R. Complete.

Parallel Lines by eriador117. NR
Harry/Snape. Harry mistakenly gets left on the steps of number 14 Privet Drive rather than number 4.
Complete. NC-17.

Scenes From Another Life by Helene.
Remus/Sirius. The night James Potter died, Sirius Black stopped to think, and three lives unfolded another way.
One-shot. PG-13.

A Tabby and her Kit by uber grasshopper.
Minerva stubbornly defies Dumbledore's command and rescues baby Harry Potter from his uncaring relatives. How will she handle raising him without the help of Hogwarts?
Complete. PG-13.

3) Harry pretty much takes care of himself after having run away from the Dursleys

A Life Alone by LoonyLivesOn. NR
Petunia and Vernone never married, Petunia and Lily were good friends. She raised Harry as a son... till he was eight. Then she told him the story of his life and what Lily told her - that he is wanted by both Voldemort and Albus and should avoid both. She is promptly killed by the Order and Harry becomes a streetkid, going by various names. He starts attending Hogwarts disguised using the
highly icky appelation of Jeremy Hart. His attempts to slip under the radar are betrayed by his street senses, and he rapidly starts becoming the most hated boy in school. No firstie was ever before solely responsible for preventing Professors from taking points from his house because there were no points left to take... he is aided by a voice in his head that gives advice, teaches him magic, and can be trusted. Or so it seems. But fear not, O canonophile reader, for some things never change - Snape is still out to get him.
WIP. PG-13.

Harry Potter and the Known Story by Taint of Taia. #
Harry somehow has gotten hold of the Seven Books. Deciding that he doesn't want his future to look like this, he runs away from the Dursleys when he's 8.
Hiatus. PG-13.

Prodigy by jmcqk6.
Some say Prodigies are born, others say they evolve in the proper enviroment. What if Harry Potter had such an Enviroment? PreHogwarts and Beyond! Technomancy!
WIP. PG. (Currently being rewritten!)

domus_felicus, Community dedicated to Remus/Sirius raising Harry.
Someone rescues Harry from the Dursleys, list compiled by painless_j.
Childhood of canon characters, list compiled by painless_j.

My other lists.
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