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Harry changes his name - legally or for the purpose of hiding

I accept any fics for this list where Harry changes his name either legally or for hiding purposes. (I got the idea for this list from lothy's rant concerning Harry's birthname.)

- No fics where Harry's given name is Harold, Henry, Hareios or whatnot. The name given by his parents has to be Harry James Potter.
- No fics where the name change just adds a second part of the name, such as Potter-Black or Potter-Snape due to adoption or marriage.
- I take Severitus-stories where he lateron gets a new name when he lives with his father but no fics where he never was named Harry at all.
- I take timetravel-stories only when Harry uses a different name in his own time after his return.
- I accept fics where Harry uses a pseudonym in writing if the focus of the fic is on his writing and/or his pseudonym.
- I also accept fics where Harry has a second identity that no one (or only a select few) associate with him and where he appears in both, provided the second identity is more than just "Harry Potter can't appear in Diagon Alley, so I have to appear as..."
- No fics where the name change and hiding is just a very minor part of the fic (if he hides only for a chapter or two; or if he just gives another name during a visit to Diagon Alley).
- No fics where he leaves the Wizarding World behind completely. At least part of the fic has to take place in the Wizarding World.
- No hiding in his Animagus-form. (Nor any fics where his new name is mostly a Marauder-name.)
- No badly written or obviously abandoned fics. (In particular no short abandoned WIPs.)
- No WIPs with less than five chapters written.

When you rec stories for this list, please don't leave just a link. To put them up in this list I particularly need a summary and what Harry's new name is and why. Status (WIP, Complete, Hiatus, Abandoned or One-shot), pairings (if there are any) and Rating would help as well!!! Thanks. :-) And thank you everyone who contributed to this list.

## I absolutely love this fic. It's really outstanding and original.
# Great fic, definitely worth a read.
NR I haven't read the fic
new Fic has been added recently.

"ab epistulis" by cornmouse. NR
Harry/Draco. 15 yrs after Hogwarts, Draco owns a bookstore and ends up developing a correspondence with the author of his favorite novel, James Evans.
NC-17. (Abandoned?) WIP. Humor.

new Adrift in a World by Miss Whiskers. NR
Harry Potter is thrown into an alternate universe due to archaic rules of magic. Hiding under the alias of Chris Collins, he tries to find a place among the suspicion of those he knew and some he never did, as Voldemort's power grows.
WIP. PG-13.

All I Crave is a Normal Life by cazgirl. NR
Harry/Snape. Harry has defeated Voldemort at great personal loss and has fled the wizarding world. Circumstances force him to return and he must face all that he left behind, including his greatest enemy - and his greatest fear. (Harry has changed his name to Jason Green and keeps this name even after returning to the Wizarding World.)
R. (Abandoned?) WIP.

new The Apple Tree by Philo. ##
Harry/Severus. Hermione/Neville/Draco. Harry returns for his seventh year determined to change the status quo. A long (but completed!) tale of romance, betrayal, initiative and derring do!
Complete. NC-17.
(Harry has a second identity which allows him to move around freely.)

new Betrayed by Kateydidnt. NR
HP/OFC. In his fifth year Harry Potter was framed for murder and sentenced to Azkaban. Ten years later his innocence is proven. What will Harry do? Written PreOotP.
When the wizarding world betrayed him, he had his name legally changed to David Barnes and tried to forget he was Harry Potter or that the wizarding world existed. Then his daughter received a letter from Hogwarts...
Complete. PG-13.

Beyond Boundaries by Rachel A. Prongs.
Harry/Hermione. Harry held a secret his entire life. Being framed for murder in his fifth year, he escapes. Returning, he’s another, and now Voldemort has a surprise for him. Now he must come to terms with his past, present, and future, if he wants to survive.
PG-13. Complete.

Biology by ShivaniBlue grazhir. NR
Harry/Blaise. It wasn't just power and ability that Tom Riddle transferred to Harry that night. He made him the son he never had, and that changes everything. Harry has 2 identities and his other name is Salazar.
R. Complete.

Black Ascension by omnis potens. NR
Post-OotP, will have HPB Spoilers. Harry decides that he wants to be in control and away from Dumbledore's Manipulations. Appearences and perceptions are changing, true faces are shown, secrets revealed. Independant, dark, not evil. Grims and Heritage.
Harry gets adopted posthumously by Sirius and gets the name Orion Black. (Or something like that.)

new Bloody Skies by Toki Mirage. NR
Harry/OMC Vampire. Harry Potter discovers a gift during his sixteenth birthday that sends his world spinning! Harry goes to another school (to train) full of magical creatures. The only way he is to survive (as there is no rules against killing) is to fight. Manipulative Dumbledore, Foreign School, Dark and Independent Harry.
Harry’s alias is Cyrus Obsidian which he uses at his new school so he won’t be recognized.

new Broken Mind, Fractured Soul by SensiblyTainted. ##
What if there was a darker truth hidden in Harry's story? Summer before third year, Harry begins to question his memory blanks. What happens when he finds himself before Snape for help? [includes mentor Severus, MPD, child abuse, protective Remus]
Complete. R.
WIP-Sequel Shadows Within the Light.
(The first part doesn't actually fully fit the "changed name"-criteria. Harry is called Harry though he has several alters with different names. During the second part, however, Harry gets renamed to Shadow Snape.)

new Brother Z by DrT. NR
The Final Battle is over. Harry has left Britain, leaving a devastated magical community, a lost Hermione, and a blinded Luna. Hermione becomes Professor McGonagall's apprentice while she cares for Luna. She also has to deal with Snape, who has managed to worm his way back into Hogwarts, and the mysterious Brother Z.
Complete. R.

The Changer by Vingilot. NR
Harry/Snape. Harry Potter has been missing since he was eight. Now, seven years later, Severus Snape has a one night stand that just doesn’t seem to end. How long will they be able to keep their secrets? Harry is living on the streets of London (because the Dursleys abandoned him) and calls himself London.

Crumbling Pedestal by Shivani grazhir. Or here #
Harry/Snape. When Voldemort tries to force Harry to duel in the graveyard at the conclusion of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, things take an entirely different direction as Fate steps in to meddle: Harry travels to the times of the Founders where he spends twenty something years, Salazar bonds with him as his brother, after which he returns with super powers and a changed name (Heru Slytherin).
Complete. PG-13.

The Depths of Winter by bananacosmicgirl bananacosmic. NR
Harry/Draco. Four years after getting out of Hogwarts, Harry lives alone in the Muggle world under the name of Harry Evans. He has turned his back on the magical world – until one day, when Draco Malfoy gets into a car crash before Harry’s eyes and ends up paralysed in a wheelchair.
R. Complete.

Elemental Genesis by Raven Dragonclaw. NR
The world is a chessboard, and the gods are players. The gods are not what they seem - the Dark gods are on Harry's side, and Pheta, the Lightest goddess of them all and revered wife of Godric Gryffindor, is definitely not. The Dark gods intervene when Vernon goes too far, and take Harry to the world of the Elementals. (Background: the Elemental community is to the Wizard community what the Wizards are to the Muggles. Some wizards, including Harry, possess Elemental ability, but it is highly unusual for both forms of magic to be operational in one body at the same time.) To protect his sanity - and other reasons - they block his memories of his old life, so he lives as Nuitari Hawking, happy with his new friends and family. However, Sirius Black wants his godson back, and Albus wants his weapon back. Did we mention that Albus practically worships Pheta? And that Tom Riddle is Harry's personal, and quite dead, Magic tutor? And that Harry's not going - er - bad? No ships, and an interesting cast of OCs.
Complete. PG-13.
Sequels Elemental Prophecies. Abandoned.
Prequels Elemental Sight and Elemental Malice.

For the Dead Travel Fast by Emma Lipardi. NR
Harry is helped by the most unlikely person possible, Severus Snape. And along the way, meets a force that even Voldemort can fear. But will Harry survive the ordeal? Does Contain HBP Spoilers Coop: Emma Lipardi & Keres Weiland. His name became Ivan later on.
PG-13. WIP.

Forlorn Hope by Elssha. #
Severitus. Harry/Hermione. Post-GoF. 'I was lied to about James Potter, a liar, a cheater, a thief. I was lied to about Lily Potter, her family, her past. Worst of all, I was lied to about Harry Potter, for no such boy existed'. Horris
Complete. PG-13.
WIP-Sequel Forlorn Prophecy.

The Founders' Heir by Renatus. #
After OotP Harry gets attacked by Voldemort at Privet Drive and vanishes, only to reappear several months later. He has spent those months in the time of the Founders, learning new magics and has been given a special duty, to deal with Voldemort.
WIP. PG-13.
Harry calls himself Darion Elddir, trying to keep it a secret from Voldemort who the Heir truly is.

The Gemini Ruse by makoyi.
When the Order’s spy is discovered, Dumbledore places him ‘safely’ with a personal enemy. Now both have gone missing and Dumbledore hasn’t the faintest idea where, why, or how. AU of HBP, no slash, warning for coarse language.
De-aged Snape and metamorphmagus Harry pretend to be first-year twins Marius and Marcus Brossier.

Ghost of a Memory by Phoenix Boy. Or here ##
Harry/Severus. Harry has died several years ago after his defeat of Voldemort. Now James Evans applies for the post of DADA-teacher.
(Second link leads to a recent version where he is currently working on reediting and correcting the story but it isn't complete yet.)
R. Complete.

Growing Up Malfoy by kira66. NR
A twist of fate brings a six year old Harry into the company of the Malfoy's and Voldemort. Will the boy survive?
Harry is abandoned by the Dursley's when he is six and is taken in by LV.
Harry sees LV as his father but is raised mainly by the Malfoys. Later LV dies and Lucius adopts him into the family.
His new name -- Draven Alexander Riddle-Malfoy

Harry Potter and the Paradigm Shift by kinsfire.
Harry/Multi. When Dumbledore threatens Tonks, Harry has enough and flees to America.
NC-17. Complete.
Harry lives in America under the name of Daniel Radcliffe.

new Harry Potter and the Warlord by deconneur. NR
Post HBP. Harry somehow accomplished his destiny, but everyone died. Him included. Really? No, he lands in an other world. One where he is 6, have siblings & parents. A world that knows nothing of the horrors of war. A world where he can make a difference. (That was the author's summary) Harry creates a new identity (Janus) to do his business (making alliances with the goblins, creating charities for the war effort etc.) as no one would listen to a 6 year old.

The Innocence of Guilt by Ensign. #
Post-OotP. Gen. Harry Potter was sentenced to Azkaban prison. However he never arrived there. Who is this James Pathertrory who's running around the world causing problems for the Death Eaters?
WIP. PG-13.

Jamie Snape and the Chamber of Secrets by Original Dark Angel. NR
AU CoS. Dobby never stopped the mail and as a result, Severus Snape has to rescue our hero from Privet Drive. The only way to keep him safe requires an Unusual Adoption. Abuse via Dursleys.
PG-13. WIP.

A Life Alone by LoonyLivesOn. NR
AU. Petunia and Vernone never married, Petunia and Lily were good friends. She raised Harry as a son... till he was eight. Then she told him the story of his life and what Lily told her - that he is wanted by both Voldemort and Albus and should avoid both. She is promptly killed by the Order and Harry becomes a streetkid, going by various names. He starts attending Hogwarts disguised using the
highly icky appelation of Jeremy Hart. His attempts to slip under the radar are betrayed by his street senses, and he rapidly starts becoming the most hated boy in school. No firstie was ever before solely responsible for preventing Professors from taking points from his house because there were no points left to take... he is aided by a voice in his head that gives advice, teaches him magic, and can be trusted. Or so it seems. But fear not, O canonophile reader, for some things never change - Snape is still out to get him.
WIP. PG-13.

Life Eternel by alecto_chan.
Harry/Snape. Severus Snape is placed on a mandatory leave of absense by Headmaster Dumbledore. No, not for the hol one would think he desperately needs but to help his family renovate and refurbish the Snapes' ancestral home he had abandoned some twenty years ago in North Yorkshire. At the very least, it will prove to be an interesting summer with murder, intrigue, dark creatures, a wedding in planning, meddlesome family and employers, and Voldemort's lingering shadow.
When Harry defeated Voldemort, he was cursed and then vanished, living under the name of Cedric Remius Wesley.
R. Complete.

Living With Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow. ##
Sirius/OFC, Remus/OFC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Draco, Neville/OFC, Charlie/Tonks. AU. A few months after Voldemort's first fall Remus (with the help of two OFCs) finds out where Harry lives and how the Dursleys treat him. They also find out that Pettigrew was the traitor and that Sirius is innocent. They steal Harry and break Sirius out of Azkaban. Basically Harry, Draco and Hermione grow up together with Remus, Sirius and the wives of the two Marauders.
PG-13. Complete.
Sequels Living without Danger, Dealing with Danger and Facing Danger (WIP).
There are also a couple of One-shots, Alternate Endings and Crossovers.
They are in hiding for nearly all ten pre-Hogwarts-years. All of them use varied names.

Lord of Caer Azkaban by Rorschach's Blot. NR
A letter causes Harry to learn some surprising things about his lineage, a different twist on the usual Harry in Azkaban story line.
PG-13. WIP.

Luna's Hubby by Meteoricshipyards. #
AU. Harry/Luna. 7 year old Luna wants a husband, and she wants one now. With the unintended help of her befuddled father, she kidnaps Harry Potter. (Idea and 1st chapter by Roscharch's Blot.) As Harry had been abused by the Dursleys, the Lovegoods decide to keep him, calling him Harry Lovegood and pretending that he is a year younger than he actually is. (Written Post-HBP, HBP-spoilers but some changes to Horcrux-locations, etc.)
WIP. PG-13.

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza. ##
Harry/Draco, Severus/Lucius. Sevitus. Post OotP. After Harry finds out that Snape is his father he decides to return to school as Dustin Snape for his sixth year while Harry Potter supposedly is off somewhere to train.
Complete. NC-17.

Make a Wish by Rorschach's Blot. ##
Harry has learned the prophecy and he does not believe that a schoolboy can defeat Voldemort, so he decides that if he is going to die then he is first going to live. Travelling around the world as Mr. Black, weird accidents happen wherever he goes.
PG-13. Complete.
Sequel The Hunt for Harry Potter.

The Man who was the Boy by Bleudiablo. NR
Harry/Snape. 15 years after the final battle left Harry Potter deaf, mute and presumed dead by the wizarding world, his daughter gets her acceptance letter to Hogwarts. This is 3rd person Harry POV Snarry relationship with implied HP/OFC and SS/LM. He uses the name Harry Lilliance Willis.
Complete. PG-13.

Mastermind Hunting by Louis IX. NR
Harry/Tracy. Dumbledore and his associates never checked on Harry during his childhood. They should have. Now, the Dursleys are missing, and Harry can't be found either. If he can't be found, how could he enter Hogwarts? Does he even know about his legacy? And what are those muggles doing in the picture? Some prophecies are underway, too, and praise the gods that their outcome won't be lethal.
Harry got his name changed legally by the Dursleys when he was 2 years old. But he does know who he is as he grows up and later on in the story, he goes under multiple personas.
WIP. PG-13.

The Mirror of Maybe by Midnight Blue. ##
Harry/Snape. Post-GoF. Harry gets drawn into a mirror and during his short stay in there lives several years. When he gets back, he has the memories and reflexes of his future self but still the body of his teenage self. Using a disguise-spell he becomes the DADA-teacher as Warmage Ash.
WIP. NC-17. (Unfortunately updates are few and far in between but the story is absolutely brilliant.)

Möbius by geneticallydead. ##
Harry/Snape. Ten years after the fall of Voldemort, Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, celebrated as the saviour of the wizarding world. In the history books, Harry Potter stood over the hollow corpse of Lord Voldemort, vibrant and triumphant, and incinerated that withered old body to the depths of hell. The real truth was, Severus Snape killed Voldemort.
Complete. NC-17.

Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone by Azhure and Wintermoon. NR
Harry/Draco. Harry and Draco find soul-mate journals (that is, the journals find them), so they write to each other for a long time as Luc and Flash. After their identities are revealed, they sometimes keep calling each other by these names.
NC-17. Complete.

Potter's Resistance by IP82.
Post-OotP. Harry escapes Private Drive to learn about the world on his own. Hunted by all sides of the war, he must rely on his wit and cunning to survive. INDEPENDENT! and DARK! (but not EVIL!) Harry.
He lives in Knockturn Alley under the name of Lucas Vader.

Prayer of a Child by Indarae. NR
AU. In 1984, the Lestranges and Barty Crouch, Jr. attacked the Longbottoms - we know Frank was an Auror, but what if the attack was part of a much larger plan? Who was he guarding? (A response to Severitus' challenge). Harry is rescued from the Dursleys in 1984 after an attack at their home. He goes to Hogwarts at first. While there they discover that Snape is his father, something that neither he nor Dumbledore knew. He looks like Snape and not James Potter. They cover up his scar and Snape legally changes his name to Herodos Iames Snape. He wanted a Greek name, because his mother's family is Greek, that would have Harry as a nickname. He is called Harry throughout the story. He is sent off to live with Snape's family in Greece and only sees his father over the holidays. When he comes to Hogwarts he has forgotten that he is Harry Potter. Part of this story is him trying to figure out the mystery of himself.
Complete. PG-13.

Realizations by Wishweaver. ##
After GoF Harry returns to an empty house, the Dursleys having abandoned him. Afraid that he might endanger his friends by contacting him he hides on his own, befriending a Muggle-family with two witches as daughters.
WIP. PG-13.

Reign of Power by Fayr Warning. NR
Post-OotP 7th Year. No one is entirely innocent. The lines between Dark and Light have faded into Grey and Harry must learn to fight for himself... 7th year and the war is breaking... Lords, Heirs, Vampires,werewolves, magic and more.
PG-13. Complete.
While Harry still appears as himself, he also is Lord Morrigan (the Heir of the Ravenclaw line) which no one knows.

A Second Chance at Life by Miranda Flairgold. NR
Post-HBP. Harry runs when assassins come after him. Not yet able to fight Voldemort he finds a place to learn before he begins to act. Bloodmagic, Wandlessmagic, fae, vampires. A new school that will give him the strength & allies to win a war.
Complete. R.
WIP-Sequel Changes in a Time of War.

new Second Life by Nia River. #
Hermione and Ron are hurt very badly in the debacle in the Department of Mysteries at the end of OotP. When Harry finds a timeturner, he uses it, intending to go back to when his parents were still alive to warn them. But Harry being Harry, it goes wrong. Not only does he appear in the wrong time, he also appears in another dimension. So he finally decides to call himself Adam Evan Potter and to adopt his other younger self.
WIP. PG-13.

Skin Deep by Vingilot. ##
Sevitus. Harry/Bill. Post-OotP. Manipulative Dumbledore. Mentions of Harry getting raped by uncle Vernon. Harry becomes Tallis Snape.
WIP. NC-17.

Snape's Invisible Friend by teacherbev. ##
AU. Harry rescues himself as a baby and chooses Snape as his protector, why no one knows, because the toddler isn’t telling, and no one can see him but Snape. (Usually I abhor AU-stories but this one is outstanding.)
Complete. PG-13.
Sequels Growing Up Snape and Shaun Snape: Age 8. (Another sequel is planned but not yet begun).
When Snape adopts the child, he gives him the name Shaun Snape.

Stealing Harry by Sam Vimes copperbadge. NR
When Sirius and Remus go looking for Peter Pettigrew, they make a wrong turn and someone else finds him first. Eight years later, Sirius owns a book store and Remus manages it for him. When Harry stumbles into the store and they find out the truth, they decide it's time to be Stealing Harry. (SB/RL slash relationship in later chapters.)
Complete. PG-13.
Sequels Tales from the River House (WIP), Laocoon's Children - The Philosopher's Stone, Laocoon's Children - Secret Tongues and Laocoon's Children - The Fugitive from Azkaban (WIP).

A Surreal Tale by quivo. NR
Slytherin!Harry. What happens to the Wizarding World when Bellatrix and others discover the news of her inability to bear magical children? An enraged Dark Lord falls, and a small boy becomes missing: Harry.
Harry adopted by Bellatrix. His new name is Antares.
Complete. R.
WIP-Sequel A Mistaken Fate.

Tiger Dragon by loverstouch.
Harry/Draco, Narcissa/Severus, Remus/Lucius. In the summer after his fifth year Harry is taken from the Dursleys to live with the Malfoys. The next day the Daily Prophet’s headline read ‘Boy Who Lived Died In Death Eater Attack’...
PG-13. WIP.

Time to Spare by EmySabath.
HBP-compliant. Harry and Draco both get thrown 20 years into the past, ending up in Harry's parents seventh year.
PG-13. WIP.
Harry and Draco both use assumed names in the past and keep using them for all twenty years till the accident that sends their younger self back happens.

To be a Werewolf by tia_evans. NR
Remus bites Harry, who also happens to be Snape's biological son. Goodbye Harry, hello Darian Snape.

To Hogwarts, With Love by _ataraxis_.
Harry/Snape. Harry has an undercover mission in Hogwarts, his temporary name is Emma Malsby. No one is aware of his true identity, except Dumbledore.
R. Complete.

Torn Away: Scenes from a Memory by tradisferis. ##
Harry/Tonks. Harry takes a trip through time to fix the mistakes of the present. He gets marooned in the past and must fight his way back to his future with familar, and unfamilar, guides.
Complete. PG-13.

Twenty Years Later by Reba Williams rebawilliams. NR
Harry/OMC, Harry/Draco. It’s been almost twenty years since Harry Potter graduated Hogwarts as the ‘Hero of the Wizarding World‘. It was near the end of his seventh year when he finally defeated Voldemort. The details of that battle can be found in any number of history books or in one of the hundreds of biographies about Harry’s Life, well at least the first twenty-five years of his life, nobody knows what happened to Harry the morning after his twenty-fifth birthday. Harry lives in America as Harry Evans.
NC-17. Complete.

Twists of Fate by Lanindur Du'Undarian. NR
Ryan Lupin, formerly known as Harry Potter, is a snarky vampire with a taste for blood and Blood Pops. His parents did not die when Voldemort attacked, but they tried to kill him (for his own good) themselves when he was turned into a vampire during the attack. Remus intervened, took him away, and raised him. He gets to Hogwarts, and his parents want to make amends. Ryan has no such plans.
WIP. PG-13.
Series of One-shots The Life and Times of Ryan Lupin.

Unknown Relations: The Philosopher's Stone by ksomm814. NR
Follow Orion Black as he enters his first year at Hogwarts and learns more than he ever imagined about his mysterious past, the scar on his forehead shaped like a lighting bolt and the boy who lived, Hayden Potter (his twin who is living with James and Lily).
WIP. PG-13.
Harry was adopted by Sirius when he was five and through a potion became Sirius' child by blood and ever since was called Orion Black.

Web of Lies by Star Polaris. ##
After GoF Dumbledore takes in a sick Harry. To keep him safe, they pretend that Harry is actually Dumbledore's grandson Alec.
Complete. PG-13.
Sequel Web of Lies: Revelations.

Where in the World is Harry Potter? by nonjon.
Harry/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Tonks, Harry/others (implied). Harry Potter fulfilled the prophecy and has since disappeared. Or has he? Tonks and Hermione are the lead Order members continuously hoping to track him down. The question is: can they keep up with him?
R. Complete. Humor.
Sequels The Untitled Cheekquel Project and You Did What!.
Harry has several other IDs, the most prominent among them is Flamel.

My other lists.
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