Collection of post-DH-Snarries

I have now collected over 1.200 Snarry-stories written post-DH, sorted into several collections:

1) epilogue-compliant - anything where Harry got married with Ginny and had the three kids with her (I also take fics that are not fully compliant as not all children are born or where Ginny dies before the exact scene in the epilogue happens)

2) EWE - major spoilers for DH, part 1 (stories that build strongly upon DH and take place right away or within a year)

EWE - major spoilers for DH, part 2 (stories that take place much later or involve timetravel and similar)

3) EWE - minor spoilers (there might be a reference to Teddy, Snape as Headmaster, a minor mention of Nagini, maybe a short reference to Snape's memories,...) - but the story mostly is focussed elsewhere: stories taking place directly after DH or later at Hogwarts

EWE - minor spoilers for DH, part 2: stories taking place later, not at Hogwarts

EWE - minor spoilers for DH, part 3: Established relationship

4) Eighth year (split off from my minor/major spoilers as the posts got too large again) Stories that are focussed on Harry returning for his last year and taking the NEWTs. Stories where his Eighth year is just a minor part have their place on the major/minor spoilers list.

5) rewrites of the series Stories that use the information from DH but take place during DH or earlier with some minor or major changes. Plus stories taking place after DH which make it obvious that things were slightly different than in the books
(those might be just minor rewrites of one scene in DH itself or it might be a change starting in OotP or a total rewrite starting even before Harry comes to Hogwarts as long as the rewrite still follows follows canon rather closely)

6) post-war/post-DH Post-DH if you squint - stories that have no spoilers for DH but feel like they are taking place afterwards. Or any references to DH are so vague as to be inexistent.

7) Snarry-threesomes Any stories where Harry and Snape are joined by a third, male or female.

8) gen or mentorship, Snape-centric stories Stories where there is at best a hint of pre-slash between Harry and Snape and usually not even that much (most of the pre-slash stories are on the other lists), mostly friendship and mentorship. Stories dealing with Snape's portrait or a final good-bye. A couple of Snape-centric stories that don't have Harry at all.

9) Unsorted and partially unread
I have not been reading Snarries lately. But seeing as this collection of lists has been interesting to a lot of people, I don't want to abandon my project completely. So this list is for newer Snarries (more or less since December 2017) that I have not yet read or if I have read them, not yet sorted into the right categories. They may get resorted yet or they may not.

Find below stories sorted by Topic (please bear in mind that this is of course an ongoing project, so the lists below may not be finished in any way.)

Headmaster!Snape, Snape hidden at Hogwarts

Harry as teacher (DADA, Flying, Muggle Studies, Potions, assistant/replacement for Hagrid/Care of Magical Creatures, apprentice/assistant teacher, unusual subject, Headmaster)

Potionsmaster!Snape (research, highly thought after Potionsmaster, Apothecary, Potionsteacher after DH)

Healing (Harry or Snape as Healer, Harry seeks out Snape for healing someone, Harry/Snape badly hurt and in need of healing, important side-character as Healer)

Harry (or Snape) as Auror, Auror-training, Unspeakable, private detective/Hitwizard, ...

Unusual jobs, Woodworking (wandmaker, trunkmaker, Muggle job), creativity (musician, artist, writer, editor,...), Shopkeeping other than Potionsshop

Deaging, younger Snape (due to timetravel or coma/Draught of Living Death), long-time coma

Mpreg and small children

Animagus, creature fics, genderbending

Snape (or Harry) has a new identity (assumed name) + deficencies (blind, mute, loss of magic,...)

Snapecentric, written from Snape's viewpoint, alternating viewpoints

"High Society": Lord Potter-Black, Prince Manor, Gringotts, wills

Luna, meddling friends and family

Bonds, places and everything else
Timetravel, dimensional travel, Meta and similar

Master of Death, Hallows, Horcruxes, Death as character, resurrection by other means

Ghosts and afterlife, portraits, mirrors, books, letters and correspondance and other (in)animate objects

Inside the mind, mind connections, memories (lost memories + extra memories given), dreams

Soulbonds, magical bonds, mindlinks, dreamlinks, lifedebts, forced bonding

Courtship, betrothal contracts, matchmaking and fake relationships

Muggle world, tiny Wizarding village, travelling, outside Britain

Crossovers, Snarry-rewrites of other stories

Mystery and Adventure

House Arrest, Azkaban and punishment, antihomosexual sentiments

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Fairy Tale Rewrites - second try

More than a year ago I first tried to make up a list of Fairy Tale Rewrites - as I myself have been reading so many of them, I can't keep them apart anymore. Unfortunately all I did was to make up empty lists of titles. Now my lists on my Kindle have grown even more and it is even harder now to remember what was what. So I'm trying that again - but this time I'll try to do it book by book or series by series with a quick description as I read (or reread) the books. - Even though trying to put up a short description which contains enough information to point out what makes a certain story unique without totally spoiling the story too much nor ending up pages long, is clearly harder than it looks.

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Snarry post DH: unsorted

I have not been reading Snarries lately. But seeing as this collection of lists has been interesting to a lot of people, I don't want to abandon my project completely. So this list is for newer Snarries (more or less since December 2017) that I have not yet read or if I have read them, not yet sorted into the right categories. They may get resorted yet or they may not.

While I have read the Snarries from the Secret Snarry Swap in December, I had not yet put them up, intending to wait for the author reveals. But since the New Year I have pretty much stopped reading fanfiction for now, and so they ended up not being put up at all. Pretty much all of the below fics can be found on Archive of Our Own.
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Fairy Tale rewrites - sorted by Fairy Tale

This is the second part of my fanatical list-making. Here I will put up the stories sorted by fairy tale they are a rewrite of. As I stated before Cinderella and The Beauty and the Beast are by far the most common themes, followed by Sleeping Beauty.
Some of the stories are child-friendly, some of them are very adult-themed. If you are under-age, please be careful what you are going to read before selecting a story.

I have included every book that I'm aware of. If you know of others, feel free to drop me the name of the author and the book title.
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Fairy Tale rewrites - sorted by series or author

I've always been an avid reader. Growing up with fairy tales and myths, I totally love rewrites of fairy tales as novels. When I first started looking for such rewrites like 20 years ago, there were just a very few of them available. Now I've found more than 400 of them and I'm convinced there are more yet. The most common are rewrites of Cinderella (or similar types of Selection-stories) or Beauty and the Beast, closely followed by Sleeping Beauty - but there are quite a few other Grimm tales or Andersen tales as well as stories from 1001 nights or others that have found their way into literature.
Some of them stay very close to the original tale, some of them you have to squint a lot to find the underlying tale. One tiny bit of warning: Some stories are twisted beyond belief while others may be very adult-themed. I also have to admit that my collection has grown so fast so quick lately that I have not read all of the stories on those lists (in particular as I have been reading a lot of HP-fanfiction lately.)

As they are getting to be so many that I'm having problems keeping the stories apart, I'm trying to put up a list like I do for fanfiction. This one will be sorted by series or author, the other one will be sorted by fairy tale.

While most of the books on this list are in English, a few are in German - as I will not be making an extra list for the few that are not written in English originally. A very few stories are not fairy tales exactly but as quite a few of them are part of a series, I have included quite a few stories with different themes (such as Robin Hood, Arthurian cycle, Alice in Wonderland, The Magic Flute,...)

While most series that build on Fairy Tales have a different Fairy Tale for every book, some series might have parts that are not related to Fairy Tales at all. I have written the fairy tale next to the story title (unless the title is self-explaining as the name is very close to the fairy tale). If the name is no fairy tale and there is no fairy tale written next to it, it's most likely part of series but there is no fairy tale associated to this book.

I have included every book that I'm aware of. If you know of others, feel free to drop me the name of the author and the book title.
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Snarry post-war

Stories that clearly were written before HBP (or discount the informations from HBP and DH if written later)
I don't usually go looking for such old stories anymore but there are quite a few I still have on my Kindle which I do reread at times.
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Snarry post-HBP

Any Snarry-stories which were clearly written after HBP came out but before DH.
Those are either remnants from my earlier forays into fanfiction (directly after HBP came out and the years following or a few years later when I found out that I could download fanfiction to my Kindle) or some incidentals I found when I was searching for post-DH-fics.
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list of all other stories (Snarry before DH and non-Snarry)

I have recently read practically exclusively Snarry-stories written post-DH. Today suddenly I felt like rereading some of Tiranog's stories (most of which were written pre-HBP even). This made me think that I needed to sort through all the stuff and maybe make similar lists for everything else I have on there, just to even know what I have.
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Most likely the lists will look something like this (taken from my collections on my Kindle). Any story included somewhere on those lists, no matter if I have added a summary or a link, means it's a story I like which I'm sure I'll keep. I would not call my lists rec-lists but as I'm only keeping stories that I like, in some way they are.

1) post-DH non-Snarry

2) Snarry post-HBP (sorted into Horcrux-Hunt/Seventh-year and post-war)

3) post-HBP non-Snarry

4) Snarry post-war (any stories taking post-war which were clearly written before HBP came out)

5) Snarry Hogwarts years (again only stories that were written pre-HBP)

6) Snarry timetravel/dimensional travel (only those written pre-DH, possible pre-HBP)

7) Timetravel/dimensional travel non-Snarry

8) Harry/Draco

9) Harry/Ginny

10) Harry/Hermione

11) Harry/Luna, Harry/Daphne

12) Harry/Odd (Harry paired with a female other than Ginny, Hermione, Luna)

13) Family and mentorship, alternate childhood

14) Harry/Slash (Harry paired with a male other than Snape, Draco)

15) Not Harry-centric

16) Harry Potter Humour

17) Sixth/Seventh-Year stories (though I didn't keep much of those. When I tried to reread some of those I liked 10 years ago, they either were too teenage-angsty to my current tastes or bored me to tears)

18) Anything else (I have a few collections that are nearly empty as I knew I would not reread the stories in there)