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Harry in three-, foursomes and similar - het

I was recently asked if I accepted Harry/Ginny/Hermione for my Harry/Odd-list. I replied that I didn't but was interested in stories of that kind anyway if he knew a couple of good ones. And this inspired me to make this second listing where Harry is with several girls or guys.
This part of the list is for Harry with only girls.

Please note that several fics on this list are unsuitable for underage readers. Show the authors and me some respect and don't click on the links if you are a minor. Anyway, tread cautiously and mind the warnings in the summaries and inside the fic files.

I did not know there were so many fics fitting my requirements when I started this list. Within two days this list has grown so much, it became barely manageable. I had to scroll for a looooong time whenever I added a fic and I was afraid I'd accidentally add a fic to the wrong category - I actually caught myself adding a Trio-fic with H/L/G once... (I just hope this was the only one!) I also didn't want to run afoul of the maximum-length for an entry.
So I decided to split this list into three parts:

this original list will only contain Harry with girls - though there can still be slash in a secondary pairing or femme-slash.
Harry with girls and guys
Harry with only guys

1) Harry/Ginny/Hermione
2) Harry/Ginny/Luna
3) Other pairings
4) Moresomes
(If any other pairings should prove rather common, I'll add categories for them as well.)
Within categories fics are sorted alphabetically, disregarding articles. (Of course mistakes happen.)

- I take any kind of stories where Harry is involved in three-, foursomes or similar - I am primarily looking for het-pairings or mixed pairings though I will also take slash, with any char (canon or OC) though no bestiality-fics where people are involved with real animals, please. (Animagi are fine.)
- I will not take any threesomes (or similar) where Harry isn't part of the pairing!
- Stories can be "one-offs" or "stable pairings" (that take a whole novel-length story to develop). Or even where the pairing is mostly a background to the story. Both smutty PWPs and stories with a proper storyline are welcome.
- No badly written or obviously abandoned fics, please.
- I do NOT take Harem-type stories with quasi an unlimited number of girls involved. I'll take stories with more than four people involved only if there is a definitive limit to the amount of girls or guys! Harem-type-stories belong in my Harry the Casanova list.
- I do not take Triangle-fics where someone is simply torn between two lovers. There has to be a deliberate commitment to the two (or more) of them (though fics where someone regrets this the morning after are accepted).
- No stories where Harry has sex with his partner while someone else simply has sex with their partner in the same room unless they make up an actual three- or foursome out of the original pairings.
- If Harry has diverse different relationships with people in one fic, simply sleeping with one after the other, it doesn't count. (Such stories can be found in my Harry the Casanova list, however.) It has to be either an obvious threesome (or more) or obvious from the fic that Harry simultaneously has a romantic relationship with more than one person - with all of them being aware of this! No Harry cheating on his girlfriend or boyfriend!

When you rec stories for this list, please don't leave just a link. To put them up in this list I particularly need Pairing and Summary. Status (WIP, Complete, Abandoned, Hiatus or One-shot) and Rating would help as well!!!
Thanks. :-) And thank you everyone who contributed to this list.

## I absolutely love this fic. It's really outstanding and original.
# Great fic, definitely worth a read.
NR I haven't read the fic, NRC not read completely.
new Fic has been added recently.

1) Harry/Ginny/Hermione

1/3 by alibi_factory.
Yet another postwar!fic. In the rubble of everything, there's not a whole lot to do. Sex ensues.
NC-17. One-shot.

H P and the inspiration of Ginevra and Hermione by udderpd. NR
This is set to cover the period between Harry and Ginny's Birthdays. Fluffy, no angst.
Complete. R.

HP Love is All You Need by udderpd. NR
A week before his 16th Birthday Harry gets a letter that turns his life on its head. Fluff with substance, lots of WAFF and FLUFF with positivly no ANGST.
Complete. R.

Intervention by simons_flower.
Hermione and Ginny are tired of Harry brooding in the months following Voldemort’s defeat. They perform an intervention.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Morning After by Crys. ##
Firewhiskey + a new Wheeze = Trouble
Complete. PG-13.

Private Party for Three by scandalous.
Harry spends time with Ginny and Hermione in the Head Girl room.
NC-17. One-shot.

Replacement by Kate Bolin. #
Ginny does what has to be done. Even if it's replacing Ron.
One-shot. PG-13.

Three's Company by dirtyminx.
Harry wants a threesome and gets his wish.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

True Love Conquers All by tumshie. NR
Sixth year.
Complete. R.

A Week in the Life of Harry Potter by udderpd. NR
The story of the last week of Harry's Seventh year at Hogwarts, a bit fluffy but no angst. Voldemort is dead.
Complete. R.

With Three You Get Eggroll by FenrisWolf. #
Harry and Hermione are happily married, but Ginny has suffered through one failed relationship after another. When Hermione discovers why, will she be able to share the one thing Ginny needs to heal?
R. One shot.

2) Harry/Ginny/Luna

The Art of Not Obsessing by corvidae9. NR
Draco is dragged back from his retreat and discovers something he could have lived his entire life witout knowing. Of course, now that he does... damn it, no. He still didn't need to know.
H/G/L from Draco's point of view.
PG-13. One-shot.

Back to the Garden by Antosha mickawber_fics. NR
You never know what you'll find in the neighbors' garden.
WIP. PG-13 (Later installments will be rated R and NC-17)

Beautiful Sin by plaidphoenix.
A night in the life of a darker, snarkier Harry/Ginny/Luna.
NC-17. One-shot. Character-deaths.

The Birthday Chronicles by mickawber_fics and aberforths_rug. NR
Ginny finds that, sometimes, a gift can have more than one recipient.
Series of One-shots. NC-17.

Colours by inkpool.
On the day her mother died, the sky had been a bright, cheerful blue. Luna remembered this because she'd never seen something so wonderful, a color so intense you could lose yourself in it....
One-shot. PG.

Count the Way by Antosha mickawber_fics.
Ginny and Luna need to figure out what to do: Hogwarts is closed down, and Harry is off with Ron and Hermione. They are considering their options when Harry walks in the door.
R. One-shot.

Cravings and Compulsion corvidae9. NR
Harry and Ginny resurrect Luna immmediately after her death and it's apparent their life will require some... adjustments.
R. One-shot.

Crime and Punishment by satinsdolls. NR
Ginny tries to hide something from Luna and Harry. They teach her a lesson about keeping secrets.
NC-17. One-shot. Bondage.

The De Carabas Solution by His Lordship Chaos. NR
The war is over and romance is in the air.
Complete. R.

Engorgio Turgidios by Breezed. NR
Some curses turn out to be enjoyable.
NC-17. One-shot. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

Ghosts of Hogwarts Present by csi_tokyo3.
To make it possible for Hogwarts to reopen they need knowledge about the Founders and question the ghosts.
PG-13. One-shot.

Flaming Nargles by Antosha mickawber_fics. NR
The holidays are supposed to be a time that brings the people you love together; Luna likes that.
PG-13. One-shot.

Friend and Foe Alike by aberforths_rug. N
Neville sits alone in the dark.
PG-13. One-shot.

Gift by wook77. NR
Ginny and Luna give Harry a gift for his birthday.
NC-17. One-shot.

The Golden Path to Unlimited Devotion by plaidphoenix. NR
Ginny and Luna go to extraordinary lengths to bring Harry back from beyond the grave. The result is not quite what they expect it would be.
R. One-shot.

Harlots for Christmas by plaidphoenix.
Harry, Ginny and Luna share a tender moment on Christmas Eve at the Burrow.
PG-13. One-shot.

Harry Potter and the Scarlett Women by plaidphoenix. NR
Harry is sitting alone in the Three Broomsticks when he is approached by Ginny and Luna who have a rather unique proposition for him.
PG-13. One-shot.

I Never Did by mondayagain. NR
Luna is in orbit.
One-shot. PG-13.

In Your Room by plaidphoenix. NR
Bill and Fleur have just gotten married and Harry wants a few minutes to himself. Unfortunately for him, Ginny and Luna have other things in mind.
PG-13. One-shot.

Kiss by cicatrixstories.
Post-war, Ginny and Luna are finishing their seventh year at Hogwarts, while Harry has to decide what to do with himself now. Harry, Ginny, and Luna discuss relationships and share kisses.
One-shot. PG-13.

The Locked Room Series by Antosha mickawber_fics. NR
"It wasn't until she returned to Hogwarts the next September that it really hit Ginny. She was alone." (Ginny and Luna's seventh year.)
Complete. NC-17.

Omit Flowers by alexandralynch.
Prompt "Funeral. Feathers. Firewhiskey."
One-shot. R.

A Progression of Third Wheels by corvidae9. NR
Luna is fine with ambiguity until it becomes a little ridiculous... even by her standards.
R. One-shot.

Really, That Man by loralee.
Dumbledore and McGonagall speak.
PG-13. One-shot.

Recovery by plaidphoenix. NR
Ginny and Luna take drastic measures to get Harry out of his funk.
R. One-shot.

Release by Antosha mickawber_fics.
Harry desperately needs to find a release from angst and sorrow. On the top of Stoatshead Hill, he discovers that Luna Lovegood has some very funny ideas about how to help.
NC-17. One-shot.

Scythe Not Included by csi_tokyo3. ##
Let's just say the Ministry doesn't hand out pamplets for this line of work after Hogwarts.
PG. Complete.
Sequel Scythe Sold Separately.

Spoils to the Victor by tqpannie. NR
Harry and Ginny reunite after the battle with Voldemort and he finds her full of surprises.
NC-17. One-shot.

True Moon by Antosha mickawber_fics. Or here. ##
Light makes you blind. Light makes you wise. Hermione learns Luna's secret.
R. One-shot.
Epilogue The Opposite of an Eclipse.

Uncorked by Antosha mickawber_fics.
Ginny finds herself giving Harry a thirtieth birthday present that neither of them expected.
NC-17. One-shot.

Veela la Difference by csi_tokyo3.
Gabrielle learns about H/G/L.
PG-13. One-shot.

Wicked Witches by csi_tokyo3.
Set between the Quidditch Cup and The Night in HBP.
R. One-shot.

flamingnargle Community dedicated to Harry/Ginny/Luna (This community also contains a lot of drabbles that I'm reluctant to put up in this list. If you want to read them, have a look for yourself.)
Masterlist for Harry/Ginny/Luna-fics.

3) Other pairings

Apprentice Potter by draco664.
Harry/F!Blaise/Hermione. The repercussions of Harry's actions in the Department of Mysteries catch up with him. Features Angry!Harry. Really, really angry.
Complete. PG-13.
WIP Sequel Journeyman Potter.

Close Companions by DrT. NR
Harry/Hermione/Luna. Outtake from Companions of the White Warlock Harry/Luna. Hermione confesses a problem to Harry, seduces Harry, and then pairs Harry and Luna together.
Complete. NC-17. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

Dakaath: Prince of Darkness by LT2000. NR
Harry/Cho/OFC. Pre!HBP AU, Dark!Harry. A mysterious summons brings Harry to Gringotts, where he learns of his true heritage as a dakaath, a demonic parallel of the veela, and of his destiny as the heir of Lord Grindelwald.

Dead Drop by Antosha mickawber_fics. NR
Harry/Susan/Ginny. Blown: adj.--Having lost the protection of secrecy or subterfuge. “Once agents' identities have been discovered, their cover is blown.”
WIP. NC-17.

A Different Yuleball by Andrew Aelfwine ap_aelfwine.
Harry/Parvati/Lavender. After a rough start, Harry and Parvati share a lovely evening, comfort a friend, and encounter Flying Mistletoe.
PG-13. One-shot.

Forever Yours, and Yours? by kinsfire and Herman Tumbleweed.
Harry/Hermione/Hermione's mother. Harry loves Hermione - but he also fell in love with his girlfriend's mother.
WARNING: This story will contain graphic nudity, sex, femslash, and incest.
WIP. NC-17. (Need to be registered and logged in.)

"Have You Ever..." by babygrrl. #
Harry/Alicia/Katie. Harry is stuck in the infirmary with a Quidditch injury. Alicia and Katie pay him a visit. Story takes place in Harry's 5th year.
One-shot. NC-17. (Password for the Restricted Section required.)

Lord of Caer Azkaban by Rorschach's Blot. #
Harry/Hermione/OFC. A letter causes Harry to learn some surprising things about his lineage, a different twist on the usual Harry in Azkaban story line.
PG-13. WIP.

Not Bloody Likely by Nymphe14. NR
Harry/Parvati/Padma. After OotP, seventh year AU: With Remus and Dumbledore both gone at the end of his sixth year, Harry tries to take control of his life. Fate throws various obstacles in his path, including a love triangle with the Patil twins.

The Spoils of War by Aerie22. NR
Harry/Bellatrix/Narcissa. Harry kills Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus LeStrange, and Voldemort and, as Bellatrix LeStrange and Narcissa Malfoy lie in the mud at his feet, proclaims an ancient cry of victory. Little does he realize the impact of claiming the spoils of war.
R. Abandoned WIP.

A Time to Reflect by kinsfire. ##
Harry/Hermione/Daphne. Voldemort is dead - but so is everyone Harry ever cared for. God sends him back in time, giving him a chance to try again.
Complete. R.

Ynulle by DrT. NR
Harry/Luna/Hermione. Seven months after the death of Voldemort, more than six months after the death of Ron Weasley, Harry and his friends come together to celebrate three birthdays. A lonely Hermione is given an unexpected chance at an unusual romance, and Dumbledore asks Harry and his friends to participate in a quest in a magical dimension. How can Hermione refuse offers of true love? How can Harry and his friends refuse a chance to hinder the plans of 'The Movement of Pure-Bloods'?
Complete. R.
Sequel to Relations and The Price of Peace. (Harry/Luna).

4) Moresomes

Harry Potter and the Second Time around, Year 4 by whatareyousaying.
Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Tonks. Post-HBP. Harry gets killed before he can find all the Horcruxes, so the three girls with the help of Harry's ghost use a spell sending them back in time. It also bonds them, however.
WIP. NC-17.

Harry's Harem by udderpd.
Harry/Hermione/Padma/Susan/Daphne. Harry needs help to defeat Voldemort and four girls provide it.
R. One-shot.

Harry and the Six Virgins by DrT. NR
Harry/Ginny/Daphne/Susan/Eloise/Hermione/Luna. The summer after OotP, Harry spends time with six of his attractive classmates as he goes on a quest through time for the one warlock who has the power to help him defeat Voldemort. Will Harry find love, or at least have a good time? Featuring Ginny, Daphne, Susan, Eloise, Hermione, and Luna in a very unserious tale.
R. Complete.

It Started One Summer by kinsfire.
Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Parvati/Padma. Harry finally gets his hair cut, which sets him on the path to defeating Voldemort. (No, really!) He finds more than a few problems along the way as well, and relationships change forever.
NC-17. WIP. (Need to be registered and logged in.)

Like a Phoenix from the Ashes by kinsfire.
Harry/Hermione/Luna/Pansy/Susan. Bill and Charlie are not impressed with Harry's relationship with Ginny and break it up with spectacular lies. When most of the Weasleys and large parts of Hogwarts turn their back on Harry, only a few girls stand with him against everything.
WIP. NC-17. (Mention of Harry having gotten raped.) (Need to be registered and logged in.)

My Father's Image by kinsfire.
Harry/Hermione/Tonks/statue of Lily/possibly Ginny. Somewhat manipulative Dumbledore. Post-OotP.
NC-17. WIP (hasn't been updated for nearly a year - though the author has written other stuff - possibly abandoned). (Need to be registered and logged in.)

A Second Chance by wyadra. NR
Harry/Ginny/Hermione/Daphne. Post-HBP. AU. Voldemort had a fall back strategy, and Harry doesn't discover it until it is too late. Suddenly, Harry finds himself in a different world with quite a few surprises. A new life, new hope and a new family.
Complete. R.
WIP-Sequel Lessons to Be Learnt.

Sorceror's Apprentice by kinsfire.
Harry/Hermione/Tonks/Ginny. Harry finds out a particularly disturbing thing over the summer after Sirius' death, and with it comes other problems. He begins to come out of his shell with the help of some ladies, but no one ever said that life was easy for the Boy Who Lived...
NC-17. Abandoned WIP. (Need to be registered and logged in.)

Transforming Harry by DrT. NR
Harry/Hermione/Luna/Ginny. Harry never wondered about wizarding mating habits, or why wizards outnumbered witches 5 to 3. He learns the surprising truth during the summer before his Sixth year, as Dumbledore decides Harry needs a bondmate. Luna, Hermione, and Ginny are all interested. When Harry suddenly manifests transformational powers, Dumbledore decides to take advantage of those as well.
NC-17. Complete. (Password for the Restricted Section required).

hp_ot3 Community dedicated to Threesomes of all kind.

quadrashag Community dedicated to Three- and Moresomes of all kind.

hms_sixpack Community dedicated to all possible pairings within the Ministry Six.

My other lists.
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