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My lists

A short listing of my themed lists, pairing lists and favorite stories listing.

My themed lists
(Unless noted otherwise, my lists are sorted alphabetically within a category, disregarding articles.)

Harry sends his mind back in time to his younger self
Powerful Harry
Harry is related to one or more of the Founders
Harry gets a new magical focus
Harry changes his name - legally or for the purpose of hiding
Harry as an Unspeakable, Hitwizard or similar
Harry on a Chocolate Frog Card
Harry has a phoenix
Hogwarts-AUs (Harry-centric)

Manipulative Dumbledore
Grandfatherly Dumbledore and Dumbledore as mentor to Harry
Dumbledore in Harry/Snape-fics

Mentorship, adoption, different childhood
Mentorship and Adoption (Harry-centric)
AU: Harry doesn't grow up with the Dursleys

A Cure for Lycanthropy or the Longbottoms
Trunks, portraits and other dimensional doors
Normal pregnancy
Animagus Stories
Magical or multiple Animagi

Pairing lists
Harry paired with an unusual female canon character
Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - het Harry with only girls - though there can still be slash in secondary pairings or femme-slash
Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - mixed Harry with both girls and guys
Harry in three-, foursomes or similar - slash - Harry with only guys
Harry the Casanova - Harry with a Harem, in a stable Multi-ship or paired with many different partners throughout the fic
Animal Sex - Sex or implied sex between animals or humans that are transfigured into animals

Character lists
Delacours - Fleur or Gabrielle - Also contains quite a bit of Fleur/Bill.
Snape is evil and nasty

Themes that I might make lists for - Tell me what interests you most (of the topics posted). If many people vote for the same theme, I'm likely to make that list first.

Personal favorites
Family and mentorship
Sixth and seventh year fics
Timetravel, dimensional travel and similar
Romance - Harry/het
Romance - Harry/slash
Humor and Stuff making you think
(I made those favorite lists a while ago and don't always update them with the new stories I find, in particular if I put the story in another list. Check through my other lists and look for stories marked with "##" to find my absolute favorites that I forgot to add to my lists of favorites.)

When posting Ratings, I mixed up T, K and K+ on, mistakenly believing that T meant PG and K/K+ PG-13. I am working on correcting this error - at least in one direction so that no PG-13 fic is labelled as PG. Even after I'm done there might be several PG fics left, though, which are still labelled as PG-13.
Also when I first started making fic-lists, I didn't quite understand the difference between R and NC-17, so to be safe I might sometimes have labelled an R fic as NC-17.
If you find a fic labelled too high or too low, feel free to point it out to me. I'll gladly correct my errors.

Writing Help Links

If you like my lists, you might also want to check out lothy's List of Lists.
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